New Series Announced for FYI ‘What the Fung?!’


A new series has been announced for the FYI network called, What the Fung?!, which will premiere on May 23, 2015. This new program offering from the network, was announced via a press release on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. The President of FYI and LMN, Jana Bennett, issued the statement regarding the new show, saying that the network was excited about bringing not only the unique sense of humor, but also energy of the Fung Brothers to the viewers. Bennett also said that the brothers would offer up a more youthful and fresh approach to food.

In this new series from the FYI network, David and Andrew Fung, two brothers who are also known as comedians and foodies, will travel the entire United States in search of some of the best local spots to chow down. Viewers will be taken on a culinary journey, that is being described as a comedic experience with food. The brothers will have a budget of $50 in order to spend on eating some of the best food options possible. The Fungs’ will be trying out some of the most iconic foods across the country, from the more modern, innovative foods to the regional, down-home cuisines.

As they travel from place to place, with stops in cities such as Tampa, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana, the two brothers will come face to face with other fans of food just like them, as well as the talented chefs creating the meals they are trying. They will also gain access to the people who are making and preparing their food, and even the kitchens themselves. The Fung brothers will also be learning from the chefs, getting inside knowledge into how the food is prepared and learn the steps for making the dishes on their own, step by step.

The announcement of this new series, What the Fung?!, from the FYI network, comes at a time when they are also premiering a number of new shows and series. Recent program announcements for the network have included, Say It To My Face, Arranged and Outback Nation. In this latest program, however, the FYI network is introducing two men who already have a fan base via YouTube of over one million individual followers. The Fung brothers are known for having a passion for comedy, food and hip-hop. They started out by sharing those passions in videos that were a combination of their love of food, original sketches and even rap songs. Now the pair is bringing that passion and desire to entertain, to the FYI network in their own televised program.

BSTV Entertainment are the producers for What the Fung?! on the FYI network. Blake Swerdloff and Beth Burke are the BSTV Entertainment executive producers for the program. FYI’s executive producers are James Bolosh and Gena McCarthy.

When the new series from the FYI network, What the Fung?!, premieres in May of 2015, there will be 13 episodes released in the initial season. Each episode is a half-hour long, and will offer new locations, and new places to dine.

By Kimberley Spinney


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