Olivia Wilde Has a Sense of Humor About Her Body After Pregnancy

Olivia Wilde

It may come as a relief to new mothers to find that celebrity superstar beauty, Olivia Wilde, has a sense of humor when it comes to her body after giving birth to her son 11 months ago. In a recent essay she submitted to Shape magazine, Wilde hilariously compared her body after birth to a pool toy that had been partially deflated.

The former star of the TV show House, and fiance of actor Jason Sudeikis, was inspired to write the essay because she was tired of hearing about how quickly celebrity moms bounce back from their own pregnancies. In the essay, Wilde says that she was not in the most perfect shape after giving birth to her son, Otis. She humorously adds to that, saying that the last time her body was that soft was a period of time when she was in high school, right after she discovered doughnuts and marijuana. Wilde also commented that after birth, she joined the ranks of many other women in wondering why she still looked pregnant. She joked whether or not there may be another baby in her.

Wilde wrote that she did not let self consciousness get in the way of what she wanted to eat post pregnancy, saying that she still enjoyed her beer and pizza. On top of that, her version of partying included long singing sessions of the Itsy Bitsy Spider with her son.

Along with the essay were some pictures, accompanied by some more of Wilde’s commentary. She mentions in an amusing way that the photos had been touched up to show off her best angles, and that she was also thankful for the good lighting in the room. In the end, however, she perhaps best sums up her sentiments with the following simple quote: “The truth is, I’m a mother, and I look like one.”

Expectant mothers that are already faced with many pressures find there often comes the added imperative from society to look a certain way in a certain amount of time, after giving birth. This added stress can take those pressures to entirely new levels. A sense of humor about the toll a pregnancy can have on a woman’s body, similar to the one that Wilde has exhibited, could also be of some help in this area, especially when a woman is dealing with the onset of postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is now believed to affect one in every seven pregnant women. It is also believed that laughter and humor, while not a cure-all, can be somewhat of a natural remedy when dealing with postpartum depression. Just the sharing of something funny, or the act of laughing out loud, can naturally help in offsetting some of that depression.

So much has been placed on image and what the ideal woman is supposed to look like. As for Wilde, she believes in a world where women would not feel obligated to lose all signs showing that they were ever pregnant. Wilde put all of the pressures of motherhood aside when she submitted her essay about her body to Shape, and she did it with a sense of humor.

By Alec Rosenberg

Northwestern University
Mara’s World

Photo by Gage Skidmore – Flickr license

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