Mother’s Facebook Apology Goes Viral [Video]

apologyA mother’s apology has gone viral after she posted on her Facebook page a request for forgiveness after learning of her unruly daughters’ behavior at an Alabama movie theater. The mother of three, Kyesha Smith Wood, set the internet ablaze this week with her apology in hopes of finding the mother her children were rude towards. Wood’s son informed her of his sisters’ disruptive behavior during Cinderella and this mother became determined to find the woman they offended.

Wood dropped her son, daughter and step-daughter off at the Tannehill Premiere Cinema 14 in Bessemer. Rebecca Boyd had taken her daughter to see the same movie but was disrupted by the girls chatter and asked them to please be quiet. She explained that this would be the last movie her family would enjoy at the theater for a while because her husband had just been laid off. The two 13-year-old girls refused to comply with Boyd’s request.

Upon hearing the news Wood became upset and wanted to find the woman so she could offer her free movie tickets in hopes of rectifying the actions of her children. She posted the message on the Facebook page of McAdory-McCalla Community News  and it was later shared to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office page. The essence of her message read:

This is a long shot but I am looking for a woman who was at Tannehill Premiere to see the 7 pm showing of ‘Cinderella’ tonight. I dropped my children off and to my embarrassment and humiliation I learned that my daughters were obnoxious and rude during the movie.

The woman I am trying to locate addressed them and asked them to quiet down and they responded disrespectfully. If you are this woman please send me a message. I can assure you the girls are being dealt with and punished appropriately. This rude, awful and disrespectful behavior is unacceptable and they owe you an apology. I apologize profusely for their behavior; please message me if this is you.

Over 200,000 people saw Wood’s honorable post and applauded her. The friendly message eventually reached its target and Boyd replied. She thanked the girls’ mother for the warm apology and the two arranged to meet. The women not only met with each other but made plans to catch a movie together, along with their children. Wood called Boyd the true hero in this situation and said:

She is the most kind, forgiving and gracious woman. I am so humbled by that and I have been telling everyone in this situation she is the real hero.  She took it upon herself to correct my girls when one else around them would.

Wood said the attention she received has not hindered her plans to discipline her daughters. Both girls have written letters of apology to Boyd and will use their allowance to purchase tickets for the family to see another film. Woods said her girls are mortified and added:

They are humiliated. And that is okay because I told them, ‘you not going to do this again.’

The mother said she is proud to have used her children’s tools to discipline them. Woods said her children are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and have mastered all of social media, but “mom broke the internet!” She toldapology them she must be doing something right to have garnered all of those likes. Woods also warned them to act right and use social media responsibly.

Reportedly, an apology is not all the Boyd family received; they have also gotten a few job offers due to the Facebook post. Boyd said the note brought her to tears and displayed that there are still good people in the world. She is proud of Woods and her husband and said she has no hard feelings whatsoever. Boyd also said if her teens were to act inappropriately she hopes someone will do the same.

Kyesha Smith Wood’s apology went viral in a short amount of time showing the power of social media. She took a shot in the dark and was grateful when Rebecca Boyd responded. The girls are apologetic for their behavior and have learned a very valuable lesson.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


USA Magazine

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