‘Outback Nation’ Premiering on the FYI Network

Outback Nation

Premiering on FYI for Monday, April 13, 2015, the network brings landscape design into focus with their newest series Outback Nation. Backyards that have been neglected and seemingly forgotten, will each be tackled and given a fresh approach and a whole new beginning as a possible oasis of the outdoors. The host of Outback Nation is Jamie Durie, an expert in not only designing but redesigning complete landscapes.

In Outback Nation, different families will get Durie’s help in transforming their backyards from the relative disasters they were upon his arrival. These overhauls include saving the spaces from decks that are decaying, pools that have not been kept up well and gardens that have become overgrown, among other outdoor disasters.

Prior to Durie’s takeover, each family involved in the show will have to camp out in their backyards, experiencing the terrain and getting an immersive experience in what is essentially their own wilderness. On the journey to complete the project of overhauling each of their backyards, there will be mishaps with the local wildlife and even design problems, that leave each family dealing with the challenges that come with doing a complete overhaul of what is virtually abandoned land.

With the premiere of FYI’s Outback Nation, viewers not only get a chance to watch major transformations of outdoor living space, but they will also get to learn something along the way. Durie, as host of the new series, will showcase tips for successfully renovating in the outdoors, as well as give ideas for design elements that can be incorporated into anyone’s backyard or other outdoor space to create a personal oasis-like experience.

Every single transformation or experience on the show will be different. There will be new shrubbery, plants and flowers installed, plus in some cases new patios will be created with cement. Every family will be given a project of their own to work on for their spaces, while Durie himself will also work on a secret project for each family to surprise them with.

Outback Nation was produced for the FYI network by 3 Ball Entertainment. Not only is Durie the host of the show but he also acts as an executive producer alongside, DJ Nurre, JD Roth, Brant Pinvidic and Todd A. Nelson for 3 Ball Entertainment. The executive producers for FYI are James Bolosh and Gena McCarthy. The co-executive producer is Steve Berkowitz.

Outdoor living is something that many people neglect and this new show is an effort to remind people that the outdoors can be an oasis. As a network, FYI has set out to bring content that inspires innovation and imagination. It is a network that tells the story of not only one’s adventures in personalization, but also to bring to life how everyone has different tastes, stories, looks and even unique spaces. With Outback Nation, the network is looking to bring this approach to the outdoors. There have been eight, one hour episodes ordered by the network for this new series, Outback Nation, which are set to premiere on FYI on April 13.

By Kimberley Spinney


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Photo by Scott Gries – Courtesy of FYI

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