MTV Movie Awards: Winners Revealed [Recap & Review]

MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards 2015 show on April 12, 2015, was hosted by comedian Amy Schumer. Kevin Hart, Vin Diesel and Jimmy Kimmel were among the many comedians and actors who presented and/or earned awards, and it was held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Some of today’s hottest movie stars were presented with awards, ranging from “Best Female Performance” to “Favorite Character” to “Best Shirtless Performance.” The winners were determined by the votes of fans.

Also, there were musical performances during the MTV Movie Awards 2015 show by Fall Out Boy, who performed the song Uma Thurman during the show, and Charli XCX, who sang the song Famous. Ty Dolla Sign featuring Charli XCX and Tinashe performed the song Drop That Kitty.

An award presented at the end of the MTV Movie Awards preshow was one for the Best Hero. A lot of great actors were up for the award, but it was won by Dylan O’Brien, for his acting in The Maze Runner.

At the begininning of the MTV Movie Awards show, Amy Schumer and a little girl were in a field, lying on their backs, talking about what they think their futures will be like. Then, a bird defected on Amy’s face, and she woke up.

Amy then got schooled in humor by J.K. Simmons from Whiplash, who yelled at her and insulted her. She crashed scenes from The Fault In Our Stars and The Hunger Games, before rising up onto the stage.

Amy got lost in the midst of a bunch of dancers on the stage. She tried to shoot an arrow, to begin the MTV Movie Awards show, but she shot Jimmy Kimmel, instead. “Half of you don’t know who I am, and half of you think that I’m Meghan Trainor,” she said. Amy said that she had an upcoming movie, TrainWreck. She said that her stunt double in it was a guy.

Amy saw Kevin James and said “How are you the same height as your kids? Can anyone guess how many movies Kevin Hart was in this past year? Two million. He was in two million. If Kevin Hart sees his shadow, we get six more Kevin Hart movies. The cast of The Fault In Our Stars are here.”

Amy joked about a lot of the movies that are now out, like Furious 7. Then, she mentioned that Hillary Clinton had come out with the announcement that she was taking over Zayn Malik’s place in One Direction.

The first MTV Movie Award was presented by actor Vin Diesel. It was for Best Female Performance. Shailene Woodley won it, for her role in The Fault In Our Stars. She said that the award really belongs to author, John Green.

After a commercial break, on the MTV Movie Awards 2015 show, the cast of Magic Mike XXL presented the award for Best Scared-As-S**t Performance. The star who won the award was Jennifer Lopez for her incredible acting in the flick, The Boy Next Door. Jennifer said that they “made this movie on a shoestring budget.”

The MTV Movie Awards show then awarded actress Shailene Woodley with the MTV Trailblazer Award. Shailene graciously accepted the award, adding it to the numerous other awards she has already racked up during her relatively short, but impressive, acting career. She talked about remembering three years ago, when Emma Stone had won the award. She talked about the people who made up the communities around actors, the people who supported them. She said “Let’s trail blaze on!”

Mark Wahlberg was one of the presenters of the MTV Movie Awards Best Comedic Performance Award. It was won by Channing Tatum, of all people, for his role in 22 Jump Street.

Before the next award was presented on the MTV Movie Awards show, Fall Out Boy featuring Fetty Wap performed. The band performed the hit, Century.

When the MTV Movie Awards came back from another break, Amy Schumer acted like she was trying out for several roles. Among them, was Selena Gomez, and she dressed up in fox hunting clothes to try to land a role in Foxcatcher.

Then, the cast of The Avengers took the MTV Movie Awards stage, to present actor Robert Downey Jr. with the MTV Generation Award. Clips from many of his most memorable movies were shown. Robert Downey, Jr., accepted the award, to the tune of AC/DC’s song, Back In Black. Robert had on red sunglasses as he gave his acceptance speech.

Robert Downey, Jr. said, of The Avengers‘ cast, “They’re really fun to work with.” He added “If a man is judged by the company he keeps, I must be doing alright, because look who I’m rolling with.”

He then introduced a brand-new clip from The Avengers: The Age of Ultron. It was AMAZING! In it, he was in his Hulk Buster armor, battling the Hulk. The Hulk was doing quite well, despite the impressive armor upgrades Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) had added.

Amy introduced the cast of the new Fantastic Four movie. They were the MTV Movie Awards presenters of the award for Best Duo. The duo who won was Zac Efron and Dave Franco, for their performance in the flick, Neighbors.

The T-Mobile Award for Best Break-Up went to the cast of Gone Girl. That award was given sort of in a commercial, not really in the main MTV Movie Awards show.

Next, Amy Schumer tried out for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. She had purple Benjamin Moore paint all over her body. It was toxic, and having a noticeable effect on her.

After that, Sophia Vegara was one of the presenters of the MTV Movie Awards show award for Best Kiss. There were some pretty hot kises in movies this past year. The winners were Ansel Elgort & Shailene Woodley for their kiss in The Fault In Our Stars. Ansel was not there, but Shailene accepted the award.

Then, the next musical performance of the evening was by Charli XCX. She sang Famous, with a giant-sized guitar. She discarded the guitar, and danced, wearing skin-tight stripped pants and ultra high heels. The audience stood up and clapped along as she sang.

Charli XCX was then joined onstage with Ty Dolla Sign and Tinashe. They performed the song Drop That Kitty. The audience erupted in applause as they finished singing.

Next on the MTV Awards show, the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 presented a clip from their movie. The clip was pretty funny. They then presented the award for Best Male Performance. The guy who won the award was Bradley Cooper, for his acting in American Sniper as Chris Kyle.

Jimmy Kimmel then presented an award to Kevin Hart on the MTV Movie Awards. Kimmel roasted Hart, saying “he would climb up onto that stage, oh, how he struggled, and people would throw baby shoes at him. His first big break was playing Rudy on The Cosby Show.” Kimmel presented Hart with the Comedic Genius Award.

Kevin Hart motioned to his kids to come up onto the stage with him as he accepted the award. “Jimmy, thank you, first and foremost,” he said. He thanked MTV, his fiance, his ex-wife for giving him his kids, and also he thanked his kids and manager, and his company’s employees, Hartbeat Productions, and his fans.

From the cool upcoming movie, San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson presented the biggest award of the night on the MTV Movie Awards show, the one for Movie of the Year. The winner was The Fault In Our Stars.

There were other awards presented, but they must have not made it into the MTV Movie Awards show. Possibly, they were presented during the preshow. Dylan O’Brien, for example, won the Breakthrough Award for The Maze Runner. His fight against actor Will Poulter in the same movie won the award for Best Fight, while Meryl Streep won the Best Villain Award for her role in Into the Woods.

The MTV Movie Awards were pretty amazing this year, and host Amy Schumer was funny, though a bit raunchy. She included jokes that dealt with some adult sorts of topics, but she was a very funny host of the show. The musical performers were terrific, and the show moved along at a good pace, not running longer than scheduled, as many awards shows tend to do.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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