Pretty Little Liars: The Melody Lingers On [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

The Melody Lingers On continued to add unrealistic elements to Pretty Little Liars, and one of those is the police department. How is it really as bad as it really? After five seasons, how has it not realized that the girls have been pulled into something that is completely out of their control and there is a puppet master out there wanting blood?

The story continues to move forward extremely slowly as it builds up to the Pretty Little Liars season finale in two episodes time. This week’s episode was all about the trial of Ali, which is another unbelievable aspect. The trial case was fast-tracked extremely quickly, but then maybe it was the hype in such a small town. Of course, it would not make a TV show if people actually stayed behind bars for years!

The D.A. starts off well by pointing out that Ali fabricated her kidnapping storyline. Mona found out and then of course Ali killed Mona because of that. It seems like a solid case, until the lawyer starts to accuse the Pretty Little Liars of helping. They are not on trial and they are not on the witness stand, so it seems strange that he would bring this up.

It is soon clear that the lawyer made a mistake, and Mrs. Hastings works with that. She knew that the lawyer was going to use the girls, which is why she did not want Spencer there. Now Ali’s dad even believes the lawyer without a second thought, and accuses the girls of going to the police with the truth about the fabricated kidnapping. It seems a little too easy for him to accept this, as if he knows something else.

Next on The Melody Lingers On, this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna and Ali end up on laundry duty together. It gives the two a chance to talk, and Ali admits that someone has been sending her cryptic messages through texting and the newspaper. They all stopped when Mona died, so Ali is sure that the messages were from her. When Caleb comes to visit, Hanna tells him everything and it turns out that the number is the one for Varjack.

Outside of prison, the remaining Pretty Little Liars break into Mona’s house and start looking for clues of what she knew and what was really going on. They accept that Mona is likely innocent and was being tormented too. The place is already ransacked when they get there, and it has to be A. While Aria works that out, Spencer picks up a clue from Mona—the first thing that she picks up, too!

As the girls leave, it turns out they were not there alone. Andrew was there, and it looks like he knows something—or maybe for once he is just after some real answers from the Pretty Little Liars.

Once again, the storyline has moved along slowly. There is a lot of hype at the moment of the big reveal on Pretty Little Liars, and it made The Melody Lingers On a slightly boring and tame episode.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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