Pretty Little Liars: To Plea or Not to Plea [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

It seems that Spencer has forgotten all about Toby on To Plea or Not to Plea, this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. Rather than worry about everything going on with her life, she is getting drunk, in London and contemplating kissing the cut, older guy opposite her.

While she gets drunk, she starts discussing Hamlet, making it clear that she is only interested in the original language used. She wants to know what would have happened if Hamlet had gotten to England safely, connecting well with her own life wishing that she could get away from Big A.

Meanwhile, in Rosewood, the other Pretty Little Liars are focusing on A, wrapped up in all the theories. One of the biggest issues right now is that Lt. Tanner has realized that there is blood on Mona’s clothes, and it leads to Hanna getting arrested. However, Hanna is certain that Ali named her as part of her plea deal.

Alison has definitely not had an easy time in jail. It looks like someone is suggesting that she takes the deal, but she refuses to bring Hanna down with her.

Mrs. Hastings and Melissa are now working together to keep Spencer in London, while they clean up the mess that A has caused. Could it be that Wren has something to do with this? There are still many suspicions that he is Big A. The only good thing is that it keeps Spencer out of some trouble for now.

In other parts of Pretty Little Liars, To Plea or Not to Plea brings an end to another relationship. Aria and Ezra finally called it quits, especially as Aria blames him for ruining her final years of high school. It was a long time coming considering the distance between the two of them throughout season five. However, he is not really going anywhere and there are high chances that A will keep trying to put them back together.

Emily is still struggling to get back to some type of normal life. In this episode of Pretty Little Liars, she finds that she cannot get back into the swim team practices easily, and Talia is still playing a little hot and cold. It leads to Emily getting to Varjack’s property to get more answers rather than questions.

The whole episode was a little slow, but that may be due to the build up to the reveal of Big A. The trailers have been promising something in the season five finale, but that is still three episodes away. It also does not help that the fact the Pretty Little Liars are still in high school, making a lot of this unbelievable. None of them even seem to care about their education anymore or even what will happen after A goes away—or is taken away somehow.

There are still plenty of questions. The slow episodes have not helped that at all, but the writers have little to work with considering the show was supposed to have ended by now. There is still hope the next episode of Pretty Little Liars will push the story forward, even if To Plea or Not to Plea has not.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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