The 100 Season 2 Finale: Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 [Recap/Review]

The 100

After The 100’s episode last week, many were wondering where the Sky People would go in the season two finale, Blood Must Have Blood Part 2. In the end, it was a climatic episode, with various twists and turns along the way. There is also plenty still to tell for the third season, which the show was picked up for back in January as an early renewal.

The Sky People realized that they needed a new plan and quickly. Octavia surprises Clarke be staying, and finds out all about Lexa’s betrayal. While Clarke tries to get the door down, Octavia criticizes her the whole time. That really is not the thing that Clarke needed at that time.

Meanwhile, inside Mount Weather, the rebellion is still trying to hold strong. They need to get to Dante, not realizing that he betrayed them. At the same time, they need to save Maya as she starts to run out of oxygen. It looks like it is all about to happen on Level 5 in The 100, but there are new hostages elsewhere. It turns out that Raven, Wick, Kane and Abby have all been taken. Do any of the others know yet? Raven finds herself strapped to a table and all Wick can do is watch as they start to drill into her for bone marrow.

Bellamy, Clarke and others finally get to Dante, and threaten to cut the power. After slowly realizing that he betrayed them, they turn to the cameras to finally find out about the other hostages. It is panic stations in the season two finale of The 100, Blood Must Have Blood Part 2. Dante refuses to stop them, so Clarke radios through to talk to Emerson wanting to talk to Cage. She warns Cage that Dante will die if he does not allow her people go. When Cage calls her bluff, Clarke shoots Dante and promises that she will not stop until her people are free and safe.

Emerson is given the order to kill, but Clarke gets Monty to deactivate his key card. She keeps an eye on Cage through the cameras, and decides it is time to eradiate the level. While Bellamy warns her that it will kill innocent people, there is not another choice. As Abby is put on the table in place of Raven, Kane even tries to help saying that it is possible to donate bone marrow. This is not the way it all has to play out.

Elsewhere in Mount Weather, Octavia shows Jasper everything she learned being Indra’s second. While he panics about Maya being gone too long, Octavia tells him to stop because he cannot control it. There is a tense moment, before Jasper finally goes out to kill Cage by giving himself up as a hostage.

Maya and Octavia do get some time to bone, and Maya wants to be able to get outside but being stuck in the cell they created for Emerson does not sound like a fun idea. When a fight breaks out, the two go to Level 5. Everyone is working on eradicating the level, while Jasper gets out of his restraints and is just about to kill Cage. Suddenly, people are running out of air, and Jasper has to get to Maya. There is a sad moment in The 100 as she dies in his arms, but that soon turns to anger for Jasper as he finds out that Clarke, Bellamy and Monty all had something to do with it. Killing Cage would not have been enough.

While many may have believed that Abby would have been angry with her daughter on The 100, she accepts that Clarke had to do the best thing. There may not be any good guys on The 100 after all. While the moment is a semi-happy one, Octavia interrupts it asking a worrying question: where has Cage gone?

Cage is outside now, and wandering around looking for anything to save his own life. Unfortunately, he ends up getting stopped by Lincoln, who had previously been left tied to a tree by Indra. Cage tries to bribe him with the Reaper drug, but Lincoln makes a big decision on The 100 by refusing it. He cuts Cage’s hand off and then injects him instead.

While everyone else gets to the Ark, Clarke refuses to go inside. Instead, she tells Bellamy that she hopes they meet again and then runs away.

As all this happened on The 100, Jaha and Murphy were still searching for the City of Light. With issues between the ranks, they finally spot land and there is hope that it is the City of Light. It just turns out to be a red-herring, but it comes just in time as people are pulled overboard and holes appear in the boat. Murphy decides that once he is on the island he is done following Jaha’s orders and is fed up of the promised land.

In a twist of fate, Murphy finds some solar panels and someone’s home. He turns on the TV and it may have been a recording of the start of the nuclear apocalypse almost 100 years ago. Meanwhile, Jaha follows a drone and comes up to a mansion. There, he meets a hologram called Allie. She takes him to his missile, and finishes The 100 season two finale, Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 telling him they have work to do.

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