The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Part 1 [Recap/Review]

The 100

The 100 surprised many with Blood Must Have Blood Part 1, as it goes into the round up of season two. Before things could get better, everything had to get worse and it looks like the Grounders are not completely against the Mountain Men. Sometimes people have to make deals with the enemy for their own survival.

Many fans of The 100 expected the acid fog to be fully disabled so Clarke could start her attack on Mount Weather. A few people may have died on the way, but that is war. Fans expected Indra’s clan to get through the underground tunnels and free all the prisoners.

That would have been the simple way to do things, but nothing can ever be that simple. After all, this is a TV show and the viewers need entertaining. Just as it seemed the perfect moment, Lexa was offered a chance to save her own people but would have to ignore the Sky People. The worst part was the fact that she accepted it.

There was a heartbreaking moment as Clarke realized that she had been betrayed. It may have been surprising at first, but thinking back over season two of The 100, it was not completely unexpected in Blood Must Have Blood Part 1. Lexa has always made it clear that her people come first.

The Lexa/Clarke relationship was not the only one severed this week. Octavia’s relationship with Indra was also ended after Octavia refused to follow Indra’s orders. Indra found out that Lexa had made a deal and pulled her clan out of Mount Weather. Octavia’s brother and friends were still trapped and she refused to leave until they get all the prisoners out of there. Despite initially being told that she was one of them, Indra told Octavia that she was no longer her second. Octavia was a traitor to the Grounder people.

For those who wanted some happiness in this week’s episode of The 100, not all was destroyed. Raven and Wick seem to be getting along a lot better, at least in the end. At first it looked like they were going to go the same way as the other partnerships in the show, but an explosion that nearly kills them leads to them reconnecting. Wick even gets to see Raven’s soft side, which only Finn had really had the chance to see.

Within Mount Weather, it all seemed to be working against Cage at first. The rebellion was winning, and Cage was running; not that he had very far to run with the Grounders and Sky People on the outside. It was Dante who convinced him to start working with Lexa, which she accepted a little too easily. It all seems perfect for him right now on The 100. He was left holding all the cards for the time being, but the war is not yet over. This was just another battle won, but Clarke is still out there and she still has an army inside. It looks like Blood Must Have Blood Part 1 has set things up perfectly for the season finale of The 100.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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