Revenge Canceled After Four Seasons


As many fans feared, Revenge has been canceled after four seasons. Emily Thorne will hang up the red sharpie for good, and fans have two more episodes until they find out how it will all end. There have been mixed reviews over ABC’s decision to axe the show.

The series finale will air on May 10 on ABC. Sunil Nayar has confirmed that it will round up the story, and seems to have been a decision made some time earlier. After all, all the episodes have been filmed and edited by now. The network and the show runners decided together that the season four finale should act as the series finale for Revenge.

Back in 2011, Revenge took on a different slant to many other programs out there. The protagonist acted in less than legal ways to avenge her father’s false imprisonment and assumed death. Amanda Clarke took on the assumed identity of Emily Thorne and worked with genius hacker Nolan Ross to create a history and legitimate records for herself. Ten million viewers tuned in for the series premiere in 2011, originally airing on a Wednesday night. As the ratings declined, the program was moved to a Sunday and the recent episode had 4.45 million viewers.

Season four of the show was suspected to be the last for many fans. The end of season three introduced the plot twist that David Clarke, Emily’s father, was not dead after all and everybody found out about Emily/Amanda’s real identity. In another twist, Victoria Grayson killed herself but framed Emily for it as a way to get her final revenge, which now sees Emily in jail for a crime she did not commit.

Revenge has been canceled after four seasons, and there are mixed reactions. While some do not want to see their favorite show off the air, there are others who believe that the ending is just right. They want to see it go out with a bang, and are interested in how the show will wrap up. There are many theories, including the idea that Emily could die after all this hard work. The series finale is called Two Graves, which would suggest her death. However, there is the possibility that she will fake her death to get out of the jail term.

Some fans wonder whether the show will end on a cliffhanger. ABC has already confirmed a spin off for the show, called Kingmakers. The Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino has been cast in the new series. It follows a similar story to Revenge, this time with a young man out for answers over the death of his sister.

There are many questions over the series finale. Nayar is not confirming or denying anything, but has teased “epic emotional moments.” It also looks like there will not be a happy ending for the main protagonist, whether that means her death, her father’s death or the death of someone close to her like former love interest Jack. Nayar spoke about how difficult the finale was because of how loyal the fans are. They are passionate and Nayar wanted to create something they would be satisfied and happy with, now that Revenge is definitely being canceled after four seasons.

By Alexandria Ingham


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