Katie Hopkins May Be Banned From Lorraine Kelly Show

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is a celebrity people either love or hate, and it seems that Lorraine Kelly hates her and wants her banned from her daytime TV show. The Scottish presenter says that she fears she could not be nice to the foul-mouthed, over-opinionated woman. Despite much of the United Kingdom possibly supporting Kelly’s views, the present wants to remain professional.

She is certainly not the first person to refuse to talk to Hopkins, or find her outrageous offensive. Denise Welch, a former presenter on Loose Women, called her a “vile bully” recently. The comment came after the reality show celebrity said that Ed Milliband looked like he was on the autistic spectrum. When the former The Apprentice contestant appeared on This Morning, Holly Willoughby had to visibly stop herself from getting angry at her for her comments and opinions.

Hopkins made a name for herself in Sir Alan Sugar’s boardroom on the reality TV show. She went on to do well in Celebrity Big Brother, despite most of the world finding her vile and offensive. Hopkins has angered many for her views on overweight people, stay at home moms, co-parenting and using names as a way to decide on whether her children can be friends with others.

Hopkins had Philip Scholefield laughing during on appearance on This Morning when she was discussing location names. She said how she does not like children being named after locations, such as Brooklyn, Dakota and Chelsea. However, Scholefield brought up the fact that her daughter is named India, which is a location name. Hopkins was adamant that that was the case and it was a “nice name.” The inconsistency and hypocrisy quickly led to people being angry over her claims.

Kelly now wants Hopkins banned from her daytime TV show. The 55-year-old present has said that she likes to treat people with respect, but expects that back. People come on her show to promote something, and she is “OK” with that, but she would have the draw the line with the reality TV show star. She fears that she could not be professional with her.

Hopkins most recently sparked outrage on Twitter when she called people “chubsters.” It was in relation to a beach body advert being vandalized, and she commented how people are tolerant with fat people but like to shame skinny people. While some of her views have merits, there are many who say that she puts them across in the wrong way.

London radio station LBC was recently surrounded by protestors because of its decision to hire Hopkins. The radio station defends its decision, saying that people with either love or hate her but they will call in to debate with her. Some of its listeners do support her views, but like to get the point across in a more elegant way. For a business point of view, it also says that it was a good thing to do because controversy gets people tuning in.

However, it seems not everyone carries that point of view. Kelly certainly does not and wants to remain professional, which is why she does not want Hopkins on her show.

By Alexandria Ingham


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