Tragic Death Details of Lil’ Chris Shared at Inquest

Lil' Chris

The singer best known as Lil’ Chris was found dead last month at the age of 24, and an inquest has now shared the details of the tragedy. Rumors that he committed suicide quickly spread after the news broke, and that was confirmed at the inquest. Friends reportedly found him hanging in his home.

Lil’ Chris, whose real name was Chris Hardman, was a singer and reality TV star. He rose to fame due to Gene Simmons’ Rock School on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, as part of the student band. He later went on to take a solo deal and in 2006 had a top five hit with Checkin’ It Out. Despite this, he disappeared more as a one-hit wonder and that may have been partially the reason for his depression.

He was found on March 23 in his Lowestoft home by a friend. Lil’ Chris’ body was identified by AJ Sutton, and emergency services had failed attempts to resuscitate him. Death was confirmed at 11:48am.

The family of Lil’ Chris said that he was a “huge personality” and would be “missed by everyone who knew him.” The statement went on to confirm the mental health issues that the singer had been suffering from. He wanted to overcome depression and had often stated he wished there was a cure. His family’s happiness was always a main priority for him.

The inquest shared the tragic details of the death of Lil’ Chris. Pathologist Richard Ball was the one to confirm that hanging was the cause of death. Coroner Peter Dean offered his condolences to the family during the inquest.

A funeral has already taken place. Balloons in his favorite color were let off during it, and it was attended by close family and friends.

In the days before his death, Lil’ Chris had been vocal on Twitter. He often complained of his lack of career, but had said on numerous occasions that he was trying to revive it. He regularly shared his music with his fans through YouTube and Twitter, and tried to perform gigs through that method. His last tweet seemed optimistic by wishing everyone a good morning and saying how lovely the day was.

However, there were tweets that showed his personal demons every now and then. At the start of March, he considered quitting music forever, saying that it was time to “face reality.”

Those who have been affected by the news can phone for support. Fiona Malcolm from the Samaritans has said that the helpline is there for people to talk to someone about their problems and to get help to cope.

While the initial inquest was held on April 29, the full details have not yet been shared. It was mainly to help give an answer to the family; one that they likely already knew but helps to offer closure. The inquest has been adjourned for July 28. It is unclear what information will be shared at that one. This recent inquest shared the details of the tragic death of Lil’ Chris.

By Alexandria Ingham


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Photo taken from Lil’ Chris’ Twitter

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