‘Revolt:’ The Unravelling Re-Emerge With New Single [Review]



The release of metal/industrial band The Unravelling’s 13 Arcane Hymns in 2010 marked the start of a brilliant career for the Canadian duo. They were written up in countless rock publications like Metalsucks.net and Guitar World, and the album won the award for Best Production at the Alberta Metal Awards. Gustavo de Beauville’s metal-inspired guitars and production paired with Steve Moore’s hearty industrial/dark wave vocals to create a fusion sound audiences loved. The Unravelling seemed poised to take the metal and industrial worlds by storm, but unfortunately the duo was forced to sideline the project far too soon. With a cancer diagnosis in 2011, Steve Moore was forced to focus on his health, and de Beauville was forced to shelve any future work for the band. Four years later, The Unravelling has finally re-emerged with Revolt, a single which hopefully warrants the continued success of this promising project.

While Moore focused on his health in his battle against cancer, instrumentalist and producer de Beauville could not let go of music that easily. While he stayed in touch with his friend and stockpiled music for Moore’s return, Gustavo de Beauville continued to work on a solo basis. He released an instrumental metal/electronic industrial fusion album in 2014 which once again garnered attention from Metalsucks and Guitar World. De Beauville’s work was also featured on a number of movie soundtracks and in the popular video game, EOTB: Eye of the Beholder. In terms of adding a vocalist back into his mix, however, it is clear de Beauville only wanted Moore to pair with his unique metal/industrial mashups, and in late 2014 he got his wish with Moore’s triumphant Revoltreturn and Revolt.

Revolt leans heavily towards dark wave and industrial more than metal, which will be a surprise for some Unravelling fans, as the band has come to be known for an even marriage between the two genres. Even de Beauville’s decidedly metal guitars are slowed down to match the almost dubstep-tempo beat and bassline of the track. The key to which the guitars are tuned, however, is decidedly metal despite the slower tempo, so even though Revolt leans industrial, de Beauville aims to keep his characteristic sound in the overall composition. Moore strikes a similar weighted balance with his vocals. While his tight-throated, intense vocals emulate other industrial heavyweights such as Trent Reznor or Maynard from Tool, the lyrical content is metal-tinged. Industrial and dark wave lyrics tend to focus on introspection and are very plain-speaking but the lyrics in Revolt are allegorical and tell a story while they represent both a political view and an inner struggle, more like those in typical metal songs.

Music-lovers, fans and metal industry leaders alike have waited four years in the hopes that Steve Moore would win his battle with cancer and return to his rightful place as The Unravelling’s high-powered frontman. Moore is probably happier than anyone to have won this fight and to have been able to produce a new single which is in keeping with the quality and gravitas that has been built up around the band. With Revolt, The Unravelling does not disappoint. Revolt can be streamed or purchased on The Unravelling’s Bandcamp page along with the band’s first album, 13 Arcane Hymns. Fans can also check out their Youtube channel which includes previous videos, a studio preview of their forthcoming album and The Unravelling’s first appearance on the famed ArmyofOne podcast.  Links are listed below in “Sources.”

Review by Layla Klamt


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