Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear Vacationing in Bora Bora

Richie Sambora

Heather Locklear and her ex-husband, former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, are vacationing in Bora Bora together with their teenage daughter, Ava Sambora, 17, according to People and other sources. She and Sambora wanted to spend quality time together with Ava as a family, to reward her for her good grades and 11 scholarship offers.

Richie Sambora, 55, left behind his current girlfriend, Orianthi Panagaris, 30, and his ex-girlfriend and business partner, Nikki Lund. Lund has claimed that Richie Sambora threatened to kill her, and when Sambora, who was the guitarist for Bon Jovi for 30 years, returns to the United States, he will have a lot of questions to answer, though his rep has stated that Sambora never threatened Lund.

Though Richie Sambora is vacationing with his ex-wife, Heather Locklear, 52, in Bora Bora, there is reportedly nothing romantic about the time that they are spending together there. Sambora has stated that “I mean, I still love Heather and I know she loves me,” adding “She’s the mother of my child, man. What can you say?” Also, Sambora and Locklear, who were married for 12 years and got divorced in 2007, went on a vacation with Ava to Hawaii in 2014 and they celebrated last Thanksgiving together.

Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear certainly have a lot to be proud about, as their daughter, Ava, has a 4.2 GPA, and the 11 scholarship offers are definitely a great reason to celebrate Ava’s accomplishments as a high school student. According to Sambora’s rep, Ava has not yet decided on which college she will attend.

Besides Ava’s academic accomplishments, she is also a budding actress. Richie Sambora said that she got the very first movie role she tried out for, in the Judd Apatow flick, This Is 40. He also stated that “She’s been doing Disney stuff,” and that he was “really proud of her.”

Richie Sambora began dating his current girlfriend, who he calls “Ori,” on December 31, 2013. He was really impressed with her skills at playing the guitar when he first met her in Hawaii at a New Year’s Eve party hosted by Alice Cooper. She had been the lead guitarist on Michael Jackson’s final tour. They have since then gone on tour together throughout Europe.

After his vacation in Bora Bora, Richie Sambora will face the allegations made by his former girlfriend and business partner, Nikki Lund, that he assaulted her and threatened her life. Nikki Lund filed a police report on Wednesday, after Sambora had left for Bora Bora. In the police report, Lund claimed that Sambora physically assaulted her and made a series of threats on her life via phone calls.

Nikki Lund reportedly called out LAPD police to her home in Calabasas County, California, on Wednesday, April 1. According to a spokesperson for the LAPD, Lund “didn’t come to the station.” A source close to Nikki Lund who spoke to People stated that Richie Sambora had hit Lund and had threatened her life. According to the source, one of the comments that Sambora made was “I have millions of dollars and I can make people disappear – you are nothing.”

Other allegations that were made included one that Richie Sambora threatened to “bury her in the desert,” and that Sambora “hit her in the chest at a meeting,” this past January. Deputies from the LAPD are investigating the allegations.

Richie Sambora’s rep had a far different explanation for why Nikki Lund was making the allegations. He said that Lund was angry at Sambora because he no longer wanted to continue funding the failing business that they had together, a clothing line called Nikki Rich, because he had already lost $4 million dollars and did not want to keep on losing even more money.

The rep for Richie Sambora stated that the guitarist and founder of Bon Jovi had a heated phone conversation with Nikki Lund, but that Sambora did not threaten to kill her. Sambora’s rep said that Lund was angry with Sambora for having missed a fashion show for the clothing line that took place in L.A., and she got even angrier when Sambora repeated that he was not going to financially back the business any longer.

The rep for Richie Sambora added that Sambora stayed calm during the conversation, and that he agreed to pay 3 months of severance to all of the employees of their company. According to Sambora’s rep, Nikki Lund just kept getting angrier. The rep called Lund’s police report and claims “a cluster of fabricated lies” and said that Sambora believes the whole case will be dropped once he returns and tells the Sheriff’s department what actually happened.

As recently as this past January, according to the rep, Nikki Lund had a much different opinion of Richie Sambora, calling him in an Instagram post her “partner and bestie.” Their relationship, according to Sambora’s rep, only changed around two weeks ago, when Sambora told her that he did not want to keep financially backing the business they jointly owned.

For now, Richie Sambora and his ex-wife, Heather Locklear, are enjoying their vacation in Bora Bora with their daughter, Ava. When he returns, Sambora will have to address the allegations that his ex-girlfriend, Nikki Lund, has made against him, but that is something that looms on the horizon. Sambora seems confident that the LAPD will drop the case, and he appears determined not to let thoughts about it ruin the family time he is having in the South Pacific.

Written By Douglas Cobb

People Magazine
New York Daily News
Photo By Alan Light – Flickr License

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