Ryan Reynolds Involved in Hit and Run

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has reportedly been involved in a hit and run in Vancouver. Police reports say that he is uninjured, and it was possible a member of the paparazzi. The driver took off afterwards, and has not yet been caught. The incident took part in a parking lot of a hotel that the actor was reportedly staying in.

Reynolds’ publicist confirmed the incident, announcing that it happened on Friday night. He was just walking through the underground parking lot when he was hit by a car. Brian Montague, from the Vancouver police department, confirmed the incident and that the 38-year-old was not injured in the incident. There is no other information to share at this time. He does not know if the driver’s identity has been confirmed yet, or how things are progressing in the case.

The actor has been in Vancouver for a number of weeks promoting his new character Deadpool, which he will be portraying in a new movie of the same name. There are many who worry about the portrayal of this character considering the flop that The Green Lantern faced.

He was alone. His wife Blake Lively was in Los Angeles at the time of the incident, promoting her own new movie The Age of Adaline. The two are married and have one daughter together, who they recently welcomed into the world. It was only recently that the two announced the name of their daughter, James.

Reynolds was involved in the hit and run on Friday. Over the weekend, he was seen joking about the incident, which shows that he is okay and seems to just want to get back on with work. There is no confirmation over whether he saw the vehicle and was able to share a detailed description of it to help Canadian police.

CBC took to Twitter on Sunday to find out how the actor was doing. He quickly replied back telling the network to put Beachcombers back on the air and then he would call to give an answer. The show was popular in Canada between 1972 and 1990 before being cancelled, and seems to have been a favorite of the Amityville actor.

There is still no understanding how or why the incident occurred. According to one eye-witness, Reynolds was seen in an altercation with one of the paparazzi photographers in the parking lot. The source said that after taking a number of photos, the photographer got in his car and then purposely hit the actor before speeding off. The actor fell to the ground after being hit, but was able to get back up again.

The police are still investigating the crime, which will mean limited updates. Montague has not even heard if there are any updates as of yet, and it has not been confirmed if Reynolds or his team are pushing for the investigation to be processed quicker than normal. His wife Lively has not commented about the incident, and there is no confirmation of where James was except that she was not with Reynolds at the time of being involved in the hit and run.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail


The Province

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