Samsung Galaxy S6 a Worthy Competitor for iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S6 which is set to be released in US markets April 10th, will offer some worthy competition for the much touted iPhone 6. The iPhone which has already been on the market since September of last year has been a huge success for Apple. Since its launch, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have sold over 700 million units. Samsung is hoping that its new flagship phone will have similar success.

The designers at Samsung have rebuilt the Galaxy from the ground up, giving the S6 a much different and more beautiful look than its previous models. Its sleek thin metal body, and Gorilla Glass front and back make it a big step forward from the design of the S5. The home button on the front will still include a fingerprint sensor, however it is a much improved version of the one that was on the S5. The S6 will allow you to log in not by swiping your finger which was problematic on the previous version, instead by just placing your finger on the button much like the iPhone.

A solid camera is something that any worthy competitor had better have when it comes to standing next to the iPhone. As for the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is perhaps one of the best to ever go on an Android phone. While Apple’s mobile phone camera technology would be very tough to beat, the 18 megapixel camera that is being released on the S6 can certainly hang with its high quality detail, and low light handling. There is a warm hue to the pictures that the S6 takes that will surely be noticeable when placed side by side with the iPhone 6 pics. With that being said, the photos from the Galaxy S6 can absolutely stand on their own, even under the scrutiny of the most finicky shutterbug.

The S6 comes with a 2,550 mAh battery, and initial tests have shown that even though it has a smaller battery than the S5, the phone stays powered up for about 9 hours under normal use. With the new Samsung Galaxy S6 sleek redesign, the removable battery has been abandoned. This may come as a disappointment to some, but others will appreciate the solid feel that the phone gains without the removable back.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will offer a large Super AMOLED screen that is 5.1 inches. Quite a bit bigger than the iPhone’s 4.6 inch screen. This extra real estate is nice when you are still dealing with a phone that is actually still in the phone category. With the ever-growing “phablet” (phone/tablet) category it shows that there is a demand for devices that have larger screens. With the pixel rate at 2560 x 1440 you can lay to rest any past grievances about AMOLED displays. The picture is bright and clear with deep blacks, and bright whites.

Loyalty to ones cell phone has lately become more about a loyalty to a brand. With the iPhone and the Galaxy both reaching their 6th embodiment, most users that have been with either phone for at least three of those versions will most likely not be swayed from their preference. In the end the Samsung Galaxy will perhaps not be able to compete with every aspect of the iPhone 6. What you can be sure of  is what deems the Samsung Galaxy S6 a worthy competitor for the iPhone now – it starts and ends with its design.


By Alec Rosenberg


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