Inmate Escapes From Illinois Detention Center


An inmate has escaped early Wednesday morning from one of the Kankakee County, Illinois detention centers after attacking a prison guard, according to local law enforcement officials. No further statements or comments were made on how the attack occurred, or on the status of the injured prison guard.

The inmate, Kamron Taylor, a man recently convicted of first-degree murder and was awaiting his sentencing, escaped from the Jerome Combs Detention Center. Taylor fled from the scene in the prison guard’s brown 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. Local law enforcement official, Deputy Ken McCabe, stated the car the inmate is driving has the¬†Illinois license plate of P506660.

The inmate has been described as an African-American male, standing five feet, nine inches tall, weighing around 170 pounds. The original point from which the inmate escaped is the Jerome Combs Detention Center, located at 3050 South Justice Way, Kankakee, Illinois. Local and state law enforcement authorites said anyone who spots the vehicle or the inmate should contact 911.

By Alex Lemieux


NBC Chicago

Photo by Inventorchris – Flickr License

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