Sarah Jessica Parker Returning to HBO With New Series

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is making a return to TV with a new HBO series. The Sex and the City actress is going to appear in comedy series Divorce, but very little has been shared about it and her character as of yet. It has been 10 years since she last appeared on the network.

A little has been shared about the synopsis of the new show. Divorce will be set in New York, and follow Parker’s character Frances, who has just had to reassess her marriage and life. She will decide on a clean break, and divorce her husband played by Thomas Haden Church. There will be two friends for her to turn to during this time, played by Talia Balsam and Molly Shannon, who are very different when it comes to personalities.

Those who are looking for a Sex and the City remake will need to dial back their hopes. From the reports around, it looks like this is going to be very different from the original comedy. Divorce looks to be more like Girls, rather than taking the bold challenges that Parker’s original venture took. It looks like it will be aimed at more mature audiences compared to Sex and the City, so the writing needs to take a different approach. There is the fact that Parker is 10 years older since the end of days as Carrie Bradshaw.

Not only will the new HBO series be Parker’s return, but it is also her first major commitment since leaving Sex and the City 10 years ago. It is something that many fans have been waiting for, and will likely watch just for that reason to see how she has changed and whether her acting style will differ.

The pilot will be directed by Jesse Peretz, and written by Sharon Horgan, who will also executive produce the series. Aaron Kaplan and Paul Simms will also join her as executive producers for the series. Horgan is well-known in the U.K. for her series Bad Management, Catastrophe, Dead Boss and Pulling. Her most recent Catastrophe has just been renewed for a second season, and her other three series are being adapted for U.S. audiences at the moment, with Kaplan working with her. This is the first series created first for U.S. audiences, so it will be interesting to see how she manages the storytelling.

Parker will not go into the series as a divorcee, like many may think. Nor will she get her divorce within the first episode. This is a story about the divorce process, and the character Frances’ fresh start, which is not as easy as she thought it was going to be.

HBO looks to be making another move into comedy, with Divorce not the only one getting the green light. Veep and Girls are also coming to the network. Now that HBO Now is available, there is hope that there will be more interest because people can stream the service without paying for a cable subscription. It could be good news for Parker’s return to TV in the new HBO series.

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