Unfriended Movie Review: Great Movie or Crazy Gimmick?


The Internet is a dangerous place. That is something Unfriended wants many people to believe, but there are some reviews that question whether it is a great movie or some crazy gimmick. It is difficult to ascertain, and it really does depend on the preference of horror movies.

One thing Unfriended lacks is the cheap shots and bloody gore. The whole thing is done through what looks like webcams and phone cameras. Skype, instant messenger and Facetime are also used throughout, and with the grainy display. It genuinely looks like real conversations between the set of teenagers. That gives it a somewhat realistic look, making it a great movie for many.

The story is not original at all, but just takes a social media twist to bring it into the real world. For many, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie tells the same story without the modern-day view. Six teenagers are convening on Skype to be interrupted by what seems like a troll. However, it all soon takes a dark twist when it looks like a poltergeist could be taking over the screen. Supernatural fans will see similarities to a recent episode, where the ghost was inside the Internet.

Unfriended leads the friends through a sort of game as they try to work out who this troll is. It could be a friend of the teenagers who killed herself after being bullied. Again, this part of the movie brings a sort of reality to the whole thing. There are plenty of stories right now of teenagers and children committing suicide because of bullying, especially though social media. It may be part of the reason many who have reviewed Unfriended have questioned whether it is a great movie or a crazy, low-budget gimmick.

The movie is not as boring as it sounds. Surprising, Chris Stuckmann from YouTube rated it highly due to the way that it played to the audience. While there are a few classic jump scares, the reality of the movie has helped it stand out and helped him stay tuned in throughout. There was not a boring part, but then he enjoys the darker horrors that do not include a lot of blood and guts.

There is a character for all the audience to relate to. One girl is multitasking online, while others are purely chatting with their friends. The storyline can also hit nerves with some of the audience because of how realistic it can seem. It helps that there are points where the screen freezes now and then, as if it is a real Skype conversation.

Unfriended is rated R, which can say a lot about a movie. While all the goring killings are not included, there are a lot of adult themes happening throughout. It is definitely worth a watch for those who want something different to the typical horror movies at the moment. This is not full of cheesy plot twists and holes. It is a very simple story that offers a realistic view, leaving a creepy feeling when leaving the movie theaters. It has left reviewers divided when discussing whether Unfriended is a crazy gimmick or a great movie.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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  1. Thomas   April 17, 2015 at 7:04 am

    I think its creepy i do to want to watch it.


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