Selena Gomez and Zedd Split

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Zedd have decided to split up and go their separate ways. The news will be shocking for many fans, who have barely heard of any issues in the relationship. However, the two have decided to just be friends, leading to many Justin Bieber fans to question if there is a chance he and Gomez will get back together.

The news comes from Hollywood Life, which was reportedly told by a source that the celebrity couple has decided to split up. There is no officially confirmation from Gomez, Zedd or either of their PR staff.

The source told the gossip site that the two have simply grown apart and out of love. There were no arguments and definitely no hard feelings between the two. Zedd wants to focus on his music, while Gomez wants to focus on that and her movies. They are still on very friendly terms, and will likely be spotted together in the future on those terms. It certainly makes a change for Gomez, who will be used to having fiery and teary breakups after her time with Beiber.

Hollywood Life goes on to say that the two had great fun while they were collaborating, but it was just a honeymoon phase. When they started back in their normal routine and did not see each other as much, they realized that they did not miss the time they spent together. Right now, they are happy being apart and single. The good news is that being friends is important for them, so there is always a chance that that will blossom in the future.

The news that Gomez and Zedd have split came just hours after she showed off her body in a swimsuit on Instagram. She was spotted in a one-piece, while vacationing in Mexico, sharing the caption “I love being happy with me y’all” and the hashtag theresmoretolove.

Last year was difficult for the Come & Get It singer. She spent the first few weeks of the year in rehab, reportedly due to stress. She needed to take a break after incidents with Bieber, but then got back with him on numerous occasions before they went their separate ways again. There were reports of her turning to religion and bible study to help her mental health.

They certainly seem to be working if the Instagram post is anything to go by. She is happier in herself, and that could mean she is looking for more stable, happier relationships.

Gomez has gone through a number of changes in recent months, and Zedd may have something to do with that. He has certainly been a positive influence. One of those changes was filling out and adopting some curves to her body, giving her a more grown up, sexier look. The change did lead to some people calling her fat on social media, which came just before the photo of her in the swimsuit. It looks like Gomez is ready to call out people who are just going to hate for no reason, even while she splits up with Zedd.

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