Senator Bernie Sanders to Announce Candidacy for President


According to reports, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential race on Thursday. Sanders is to release a concise statement on Thursday and hold an official campaign kickoff in a few weeks in Vermont. By Sanders announcing his candidacy, it means that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton will have a challenge on her hands to win the support of Democratic-minded voters before the nomination.

The fundamental message from Sanders will be that America’s middle working class has been nearly destroyed in the past 20 years, while corporations and their wealthy owners have prospered. One of his key campaign issues will be his opposition to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Sanders stated if politicians are to understand what happened to the diminishing middle class America, “you have to address the issue of trade.”

Sanders has long been a vocal debater of large, wealthy corporations and the political power they have because of large donations. He said that although trade deals aid industry and wealthy people, “organizations representing American workers and the environment do not want to continue the trade policy.”

Sanders believes it is very important that all Democrats seeking the presidency should address the two issues of trade deals and the income inequality that results from them. The senator has been visiting many early primary states in the past few months. He spoke on his economic message to the South Carolina state Democratic Party, indicating he may have large support in the area.

By Alex Lemieux



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