Supernatural: The Things They Carried [Recap/Review]


Supernatural returned after a month long break with The Things They Carried. For many fans it was just a filler episode, getting the show back into the swing of things as it counts down to its season 10 finale. With an early season 11 pickup, the writers have been able to pull the Mark of Cain storyline out rather than rush it, but that does mean slower episodes like this one. Cole made a return to Supernatural in this week’s episode, and Travis Aaron Wade live tweeted throughout what could be his last episode on the set.

Supernatural does one thing that many other shows do not; they bring back old foes. The Things They Carried brought the Khan Worms back, although there seemed to be a slight twist. Electrocution did not get rid of it this time and when it took over Cole’s body, the Winchester brothers needed to do everything possible to save him. He did finally understand what the brothers did, and forgave Dean for killing his dad. It turned out Dean was not the supernatural monster Cole once thought he was.

Cole did bring something up that Supernatural fans have been wondering for a while. Why is the solution to the problem killing the innocent victims? Surely the Winchesters should work on saving the innocent people being possessed by the creatures. It is clear that Cole is not a hunter but a soldier.

That seemed to hit a nerve with Dean on this week’s episode of Supernatural, The Things They Carried. Dean even managed to keep the Mark of Cain at bay while he electrocuted Cole after he was possessed by the worm.

While it was more of a filler episode, there was certainly a poignant message in the episode for the Winchester brothers. Cole brought up a lot of interesting questions and made fans think back to the early days when the brothers did exorcise rather than kill the human hosts. Season three onwards of Supernatural seemed to make the brothers lose their way.

Cole made it clear at the end that he did not want to see the brothers again, but for some reason that does not seem likely. With the wisdom he brought, it seems like he will be back again. Maybe he could even help get rid of the Mark of Cain if he was privy to that information. For now, he is out but there will always be something to drag him back now that he knows all about the supernatural world. After all, Kevin and Charlie never managed to stay out of it.

The most heartbreaking moment in this week’s Supernatural episode was Sam realizing that not everyone can be saved. For the last few years it has not been that much of an issue, but Cole really did do a number on him. It could also be the fact that he fears he cannot save his brother. Dean made it very clear in The Things They Carried that not everyone can be saved, and something really seemed like he was talking about himself on Supernatural.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham