Supernatural: Paint It Black [Recap/Review]


When is a suicide not really a suicide? That is something Supernatural had to answer in Paint It Black. The Winchester brothers ended up in a town where people were killing themselves after confession, and it turned out that there may have been a ghost making them do it. Despite Sam really not accepting that it was one of their things at first, Dean was adamant that they needed to stay.

For Dean fans, it was a chance to see him open up more. As part of the case, he needed to go to confession—something he had never done. There were a few laughable moments as he first started to confess his sins, but it soon got darker and deeper as he got into the issues with the Mark of Cain. Supernatural fans rejoiced when he admitted that he did not want to die just yet.

While Dean does not believe there is a cure and thinks Sam believes in him, the younger Winchester brother is researching further. He is focusing on anything that could help his big brother after the revelation two episodes ago. Of course Dean knows what Sam is up to, and he is ignoring it now. Will this lead to more tension between the brothers?

Crowley was back in this week’s episode of Supernatural, Paint It Black. The King of Hell is dealing with his mother and the Grand Coven. In a strange twist of fate, he has the Grand Coven leader tied up and is server her to Rowena. However, it seems that Crowley has another card up his sleeve and knows that the Grand Coven is somehow linked to the Mark of Cain and the Men of Letters. In fact, the Men of Letters decimated the coven and forced the witches underground. That will give Rowena one more reason to go up against the Winchesters.

It does open the door for delving deeper into the Men of Letters on Supernatural. Season eight introduced them a lot, but right now it just seems to be a bat cave for the boys. It is time that more into their history was shared; after all, the fans know that there is more. There have been hints throughout season nine and 10 with the introduction of a few surviving members.

The episode did share one interesting tid-bit. There are more bunkers out there. After all, this is an international organization and it was only the American one that was destroyed. Will the Winchesters find this out? Could it mean that the international counterparts will be able to help with the removal of the Mark of Cain?

This revelation does give the Supernatural writers a chance to explore other fairy tales, urban legends and mythologies. There is the chance to get out of the Americana corner that it quickly found itself backed into in season one, and introduce something different to keep it fresh.

There is a downside with Rowena finding out more about the Men of Letters. She finds out that the Winchesters are the last remaining ones in America. That just gives her another reason to hate them and want to destroy them. It seems to have taken her a while to find out the truth, but Paint It Black brought has got many fans excited for the next episode of Supernatural.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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