Supernatural: Inside Man [Recap/Review]


There are two things that Supernatural fans love and Inside Man brought both of them. They love the storyline moving forward with a well written episode, and the return of favorite characters. Not only did Castiel make a reappearance, but the April 1 episode brought a player back from the dead. Well, not quite brought back, but a ghost in Heaven was able to help. Bobby fans rejoiced when they found out he was coming back, and it looks like his Heaven is not all it is made out to be. He misses his boys.

To start off the episode, Dean seems to be getting worse with the Mark of Cain and Sam is extremely worried. Crafting a story about going to see a French movie that has nothing sexual in it, Sam manages to escape the bunker and go with Castiel to get Metatron. Hannah will not allow Castiel in Heaven, so they get in touch with Bobby Singer thanks to psychic Oliver Pryce.

Bobby soon gets onboard with many other dead people called Bobby—because that is how Heaven is set up in Supernatural—and they jailbreak Metatron. Of course, the scribe is not interested in helping until Castiel steals his grace to make him human. Sam can now kill him, and Metatron suddenly realizes that he has to start talking if he wants to save his life. He also promises to help Castiel get his own grace back.

Sam was not the only person lying in Supernatural’s episode Inside Man. Dean decides to go out for some downtime by hustling a few guys at pool. Really, it is a side of Dean that many Supernatural fans have missed, and it makes a refreshing change to see him back in his element. Of course, that does not last for long.

After last week’s revelation about the Men of Letters and the Winchesters being the last remaining ones, Rowena is out for blood. She gets to the bar and makes the frat boys attack Dean. While he fights back, he is not giving into the Mark; it seems he really wants to learn to live with it. Instead, Rowena uses a spell to kill Dean, but it does not work. The Mark is protecting him and now she needs to find a way to remove it.

That could be helpful for the Winchesters, if it was not for the fact that she wants them dead. Rowena tries to play to her son’s caring side, when she turns up in Hell saying Dean attacked her. However, Crowley is not interested and goes to get Dean’s side of the story. Supernatural fans may have been shocked to find out that he believed Dean, and it looks like the two are back to being somewhat friends. In fact, Dean uses the family and blood line that Bobby used seasons ago and remains to be a poignant part of Supernatural.

Crowley goes back home and kicks Rowena out. He is done with her manipulation and lies, but she is not done with her son. Rowena will have to get up to her old tricks if she wants to secure Hell for her own and get rid of the Mark of Cain.

There is an issue with the Mark. Only Lucifer or God can remove it. Is this why Chuck returned earlier on in season 10? Could he really be God and the one to help the Winchesters remove the Mark of Cain for good? After all, Lucifer cannot be let out of the cage again, can he? Or would that be a way to bring Adam back? Inside Man brought up a lot of questions for fans, as the Supernatural storyline moves forward.

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