The Vampire Diaries: The Downward Spiral [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

The Downward Spiral did not just leave The Vampire Diaries with one humanity-less vampire but two. After a three week break, the show returned with Caroline switching off her humanity, asking for just a year not to think or feel about anything. While it was three weeks for the viewers, it was less than five hours for the characters.

Caroline had managed to clean out her dorm room and house, before getting drunk at a bar within that time. The bartender clearly does not want to feed her any more, but she just utters “cancer-riddled body” and he is forced to pour another drink.

Of course, while there, she runs into a character many on The Vampire Diaries forgot all about. Liam is there, and it turns into a make-out session, with Caroline biting him. Rather than kill him, because even a no-humanity Caroline has self-control, she leaves him and gets back to her fun adventure.

Meanwhile, Stefan, Elena and Bonnie go on the hunt for their friend. Nobody is surprised that Bonnie is back, and it is a small reunion—definitely not the one The Vampire Diaries fans were waiting for, since the Caroline issue is more important.

Damon has other issues to deal with. He is with Kai, trying to find out more information about his mom. After digging up her grave, he finds out that she is not there after all. She was supposed to had died in 1858 of consumption, but Kai is certain that she is trapped in a 1903 prison world, similar to his 1994 one. The only way his mom can be alive is if she was a vampire, and when he gets an empty coffin in The Downward Spiral, this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, he has to face that reality.

Enzo is still on his mission to destroy Stefan, and is going through Sarah to do that. When he tells her that he is a vampire, he is surprised to realize that she is disinterested. It turns out that Stefan protected her by compelling her to not worry about that word.

Everyone manages to track Caroline down at a rave, but she is having too much fun to move on right now. She needs the time to grieve in her own way. All her friends have to do is leave her alone, or else she will kill someone. She soon almost goes through with that threat.

Caroline compels Liam after kidnapping Sarah. With the two of them hidden away and Liam compelled to do everything Caroline says, it is a race against time for Stefan and Elena to find them. In a twist on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline has an offer. She will let Sarah live if Stefan turns off his humanity. Fighting it as much as he can, he realizes that his niece may not be safe after all.

Just as Elena finds Sarah and Liam and stops the surgery of removing her heart, Stefan turns off his humanity. One thing he does ask is for Elena to turn him back. Surely everything from season three of The Vampire Diaries just came back for Elena and fans in The Downward Spiral.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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