Supernatural: The Werther Project [Recap/Review]


The Werther Project made it very clear that the season 10 finale of Supernatural is nearly here. Just like the last two weeks, the show brought back an familiar face. As Dean found himself in Purgatory, again, he came face to face with ally and friend Benny, and it was certainly a moment fans had been waiting for throughout the last two years.

Secrets and lies between the brothers are common for the path to the season finale of Supernatural, and season 10 has been no different. At the same time, the secrets and lies come from one place: love for one another. Sam is willing to do anything to save his brother from his dark path.

The episode starts off in St. Louis in 1973. The date stands out as does the place, but there is something different going on. A young girl hammers through a wall and finds a safe, and when she opens it—because that always has to happen—yellow smoke comes out. When her family is infected, they all commit suicide.

It seems forgotten about at first, as the show jumps back to the present day with Sam working with Rowena. They are working through their agreement, with Sam agreeing that Crowley will die. Now, the only problem is the Book of the Damned needs translating, and even Rowena does not understand that. Grand Coven witch Nadia—of course, it had to be the Grand Coven—had a codex to decrypt it, but the Men of Letters killed her and hid the codex.

While that happens on Supernatural’s The Werther Project, Dean is taking out a vampire nest alone, and enjoys a beer afterwards. Sam is clearly worried about Dean going off on his own. Sam now has to wait for Dean to sleep so he can listen to records of meetings the Men of Letters held. In it, Cuthbert Sinclair talks about the Werther Box, which is where the codex has been hidden. The box caused the men to commit suicide, so the box was hidden in one of the houses. That led to the young girl finding it in 1973.

Rowena gives Sam a spell to help with the box and he takes off to Missouri. Despite not knowing what his brother is up to on Supernatural, Dean shows up and helps. Sam manages to get into the basement, uses the spell and the smoke is released. Suzie—the homeowner and girl from the 1970s—kills herself and Sam is just about to when Rowena appears.

Meanwhile, Dean starts to hallucinate that he is in his happy place, which turns out to be Purgatory. Supernatural fans may have been a little disappointed to find out that the Benny in this episode is actually just a hallucination from the smoke, but at least Benny is there. Benny is the one to convince Dean to commit suicide so the Mark of Cain does not take over, or if he does not want to ask Sam of Castiel to kill him.

Dean initially considers it but decides against it. He knows this is not the real Benny, and he knows the Mark will not allow him to die. Dean wakes up in time to stop Sam from killing himself, because it turns out that Rowena was Sam’s hallucination. However, it seems that the hallucination did lead to a way to open the codex; the blood of a Man of Letters. Sam almost drains himself so Dean steps in and shares some of his to open the box and get the codex.

Rowena gets her hands on the codex but Sam has a twist to it. He cuffs her and takes her prisoner. Sam makes it clear that he will burn the Book of the Damned and will kill Crowley. The question is whether either of those really happen on Supernatural.

The episode was teased to be full of twists, and it certainly was. It is a shame that Benny did not really show up, but at least he was there and Dean could see through the hallucination. Did the Mark of Cain help with that or does Dean just know his friend that well? It is all gearing up for the end of Supernatural in The Werther Project.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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