Supernatural’s Misha Collins Is Married to the Show


Misha Collins recently did an interview with Entertainment Tonight, and made it clear that he is married to Supernatural. At least, that is the metaphor he has used to explain the slow progression from guest star to regular on the hit CW show. After all, many die-hard fans will remember he was only in for a three-episode arc during season four.

Collins plays the fan-favorite angel Castiel on Supernatural. When he first went for the role, he was told that he would play a demon and offered his best demon impression. It was only then at the audition that Eric Kripke told him that Castiel was actually an Angel of the Lord. He would be the first of many angels making an appearance in the show, which was originally only set for a five-season run.

His part was originally for three episodes, but the fans loved him so much that the Supernatural bosses decided to extend that arc to six episodes. Collins says that it was like he and Supernatural dated for a while, to the point of getting serious. Eventually, he was up to 12 episodes in the season, which was just over the halfway point.

Like any relationship, there are ups and downs, and Collins did face a breakup with the cast. Shortly before Collins married Supernatural, he faced his character being killed off. Seasons six and seven are considered the bad seasons by many fans, and many disliked the change to Castiel’s character. He was even demoted from series regular to recurring guest star, hinting that something was going wrong. The show runners considered killing off Castiel during season seven, but then did a 180 and brought him back to life.

Collins has no hard feelings about the decision. It happens in TV. One thing that Supernatural does better than other shows is listen to the fans. There was still a large fan base for Castiel, so the show runners found a way to bring him back and turn him into the loveable angel again. He remains on the show in its 10th season, and has been promoted back to series regular with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

While discussing his time on Supernatural, Collins talked about how the fan base has grown over the years. In 2008, when he first started, it was a small show. It had a small cult-like following that has grown over the years. Like other actors in the show, the 40-year-old has praised Netflix for helping to grow the cult-like following to a larger base. The older episodes on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video have meant that a newer generation can get into it, while it is still on TV.

Supernatural is moving into its 11th season in the 2015-2016 fall schedule, and remains as one of the strongest shows on the network. It has faced timeslot and day changes, some of those in the middle of a season, and still weathered through. The show even performed okay while airing on a Friday night. Collins says that he is now married to Supernatural, so it looks like he will be sticking around on the show.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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