The Good Wife Is Quickly Coming to Its Season Finale

The Good Wife

The Good Wife’s producers are quickly pushing the show to its season finale. April 26’s episode, entitled, “The Deconstruction,” season 6, episode 20, has shown a preview clip with Alicia, played by Julianna Margulies, telling reporters that she is withdrawing from the race for State’s Attorney, due to a scandal involving voter fraud. This is to keep the vote recount from taking place. Then Peter takes Alicia’s hand as they leave the room. Then Alicia stops in the hallway to ask Peter an urgent question.

R.D., played by Oliver Platt will hire Diane and Cary to try a case against ultra-conservative lawyers. This case is a test case that involves mandatory minimum sentencing.

After this season, Archie Panjabi, will no longer be with the cast of The Good Wife. Kalinda Sharma is dealing with Lemond Bishop and she still has to face serious allegations concerning how she was able to spring Cary from prison. Therefore, it is not clear how she will be written off the show. However, it is agreed amongst her fans that she truly deserves a dignified exit. Panjabi made the announcement that she would be leaving the show last October.

She is in much deeper water than she has ever been in before. There is a question as to whether she will be able to get out of her situations unscathed this time, even though she tends to get that look in her eye and comes up with some wild plan that always works in the end. So much is going on and the pace is so fast. It is evident to viewers that the writers of The Good Wife are trying to pack as much as they can into these last few episodes to push their way to the season finale. This season only has three hours left. Kalinda could be killed off like Josh Charles’ character, Will Gardner. However, it could be just as likely that she will go to prison.

There is a philosophy that it would be best for the writers to send Kalinda to prison. If Kalinda were killed off The Good Wife, it would be too close to the death of Will’s death to make an impact on viewers and a compelling episode. If she were to go to prison, it would give writers and Panjabi the option to bring the character back in later seasons.

Kalinda could go on the run, but that would be the same as killing her off the show. There would also be no option for her to return. However, in prison, characters of The Good Wife can visit her at any time. There are a few ways that Kalinda could end up in prison such as for falsifying evidence. Also due to Kalinda’s falsifying of evidence, Diane now faces disbarment and three years in prison, because Diane presented Kalinda’s false evidence to get Cary exonerated. To avoid jail, Diane could choose to testify against Bishop which would get her killed. Kalinda does not want to put Diane in danger for what she did, so she wants to testify against Bishop. Cary does not want Kalinda to put herself in danger so he wants to testify against Bishop.

Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship seems to be dwindling as it has been neglected the past couple seasons, since the discovery of Kalinda’s and Peter’s sexual involvement. Another preview clip for the April 26 episode, shows Kalinda at Alicia’s door unannounced. Then Kalinda, who is usually cool under pressure loses control over her emotions while looking at Alicia’s family photos. Fans will be wondering why Kalinda went to Alicia’s home and what the two of them will talk about.

It is also unknown if Matthew Goode, who plays Finn, will return to The Good Wife next season. Goode plays a lawyer and a friend, almost love interest to Alicia. It has been implied that the actor’s contracts have not yet been finalized for the next season.

The Good Wife is on CBS at 9 p.m. (EST) Sunday nights. The season finale will be May 10.

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