The New Investors’ Fun Surf Pop From an Unlikely Locale [Review]

The New Investors

Musically, Denmark and Scandinavia are normally known either for folk music or varying types of death/black/goth metal. That is why it is surprising to find a band from Denmark like The New Investors who are largely a fun combination of surf pop, do-wop and jazz. This quirky band has released a number of singles since they formed in 2011, but their newest song, Atun will be part of an album to be released later in 2015. With their mostly sweet and sunny music, Denmark certainly seems like an unlikely locale for this band to be thriving but The New Investors are doing just that.

The New Investors’ Sound, when broken down, definitely has a heavy base of 60s surf-inspired do-wop and rock. Sounds of The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas and other such 60s surf pop icons are immediately conjured up upon first listen. The group’s newest single, Atun, also has a healthy dose of mild psychibilly while other tracks have hints of do-wop, jazz and modern indie style. Other current bands who may sound similar to The New Investors would be OK Go or Phoenix but with a more retro twist.

Denmark and Scandinavia’s musical exports generally seem to be more along the lines of metal, dark wave or industrial EDM. In fact, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have created more sub-genres of metal and industrial music than in any other region of Europe. The area is thus stigmatized in modern music as being gloomy, grumpy and downright violent. The opposite is actually true, if life satisfaction and happiness polls are to be believed. The New Investors may be a band who not only reflect these statistics but could lead a new trend for a more cheerful indie pop style for the Scandinavian Peninsula. Then again, the band could just be really cold and longing for some sun and surf.

In addition to being The New Investors’ newest track, Atun is likely the best and most fun track in a discography full of fun tracks. The addition of a tiny drop of psychobilly to the band’s characteristic indie surf pop adds complexity to their sound. “Atun” is the Spanish word for tuna, and the lyrics of the song are in Spanish. They seem essentially to be an argument about a tuna sandwich, and the weirdness of the lyrics goes well with the psychobilly, as that genre tends to be a bit strange on purpose.

Friends and Furniture is another example of a track which is a variation on The New Investors’ surf pop theme. The music has a bit of jazzy do-wop to it while the vocals are of a modern indie bent. Kiss the World Goodbye takes yet another mild detour from surf pop style-wise, opening with Western-style guitars. Lyrically, the audience is suddenly reminded that they are listening to Scandinavians as they are a little dark, the song being about jealousy and threats of violence.

The unexpected surf pop sound with a psych pop twist that the The New Investors have cultivated may be the breath of fresh air the Scandinavian Peninsula requires to break out of their doom and gloom musical stigma. The album on which Atun will be the first single will be released in or around May. In the meantime, The New Investors’ short but sweet discography can be streamed or purchased on their Bandcamp page, the link for which is listed below in “Sources.”

Review by Layla Klamt


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