The Originals: Exquisite Corpse [Recap/Review]

The Originals

The Originals returned after a two week break with Exquisite Corpse and did it with a bang. The whole season has been about family and body switching, and this season brought one character’s time on the show to an end. It was not likely a shock or disappointing to many considering how little this character has been in the show.

This week’s episode was all about Rebekah’s host, Eva Sinclair. It was time to put a stop to her evil ways, and Vincent—formerly Finn’s host—has a part to play in that.

The start of the episode, Rebekah wakes from a nap to find out that Eva is in control and is in Hope’s nursery. She even gets away with just a scratch from Klaus, while Elijah was with Gia until a call brings him back to the compound.

Elijah and Gia go to Josephine for help, while Klaus goes to Esther and Marcel goes to Vincent. All hands are on deck in this week’s The Originals, in a race against time. After seeing Ester, Klaus pays a visit to his big sister, although still not trusting her; and it seems rightfully so. While Vincent agrees to finding Eva, Josephine is still not interested in working with vampires. She puts a bounty on Eva’s head instead.

The main reason Esther was brought into Exquisite Corpse, this week’s episode of The Originals, was to find a way to restoring Rebekah in her own body. Klaus compels his mother to tell him the truth, and Esther starts to write a spell they will need, just as Marcel finds his girlfriend’s host. In an unsurprising twist, Vincent chooses his wife and gets Eva out once he realizes the children are not dead. Eva tells Vincent that she needs another witch for her ritual, and she chooses Josephine.

Klaus gets Freya the spell she needs, but she needs an anchor. She wants to get into Klaus’ head, but that would mean leaning his secrets and if there is one thing he does not like on The Originals, it is people knowing his secrets. Elijah says he will be the anchor instead, and Freya accepts that. However, she quickly proves that she was not to be trusted, by snapping Klaus’ neck.

It turns out that Vincent was on Marcel’s side, and calls him once he finds out that killing Eva will mean killing the kids. Freya uses her spell to get Vincent and Marcel in Eva’s mind, where Marcel comes across Rebekah as a baby.

Klaus and Esther have some sort of heart to heart on The Originals when they are trapped in a cage. One thing that he forgives her for is for turning them into vampires. However, she still wanted them to be human. He ends up leaving his mother to save his baby sister, because it is all about the favorite members of the family.

Eva is killed by baby Rebekah of all people, just as Elijah and Klaus manage to anchor Freya. It wakes Davina and the other kids, and bring Rebekah back. However, Rebekah decides to stay in her new body for now. She is linked to the children, and she made a promise to Kol to get rid of that curse. She also needs to be a witch in time for Dahlia to get here.

After saving Rebekah, it is time for a Mikaelson to die. Freya threatens Klaus with loneliness, but it is Esther who ends up in trouble. Freya realizes that Klaus will never trust her, so wants to turn the family against him. The first step of that is to kill Esther, and this time possibly forever on The Originals, Exquisite Corpse.

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