The Originals: Night Has a Thousand Eyes [Recap/Review]

The Originals

Dahlia finally made her official appearance in The Originals this week, Night Has a Thousand Eyes. Fans really got to know that she was dangerous when the siblings turned to Mikael for help, especially when Klaus is the one to search for him. She certainly made it clear that she is not going to make it easy for anybody. There was also a shocking end, which may not be the best move for the show.

To start with in The Originals, it was all about Hayley, Jackson and Hope. While taking a stroll through New Orleans, she soon realizes that people are all watching her and it is very clear that Dahlia is in town. One man offers the family a “black dahlia,” and they know what that really means. To make matters worse, Dahlia takes over Jackson to spy on her enemies from afar, something that Freya happily explained to her siblings. While Elijah wants to protect Hope and Hayley, Freya wants to use Jackson to trace the magic and, of course, Klaus wants blood.

Klaus turns to one witch in particular to help, Davina. All she wants is Kol’s ashes so she can bring him back, and for that she will help Klaus find Mikael. While looking for Mikael, Klaus tells Aiden to get back to the compound.

Jackson is there, where he is suggesting they run. That would likely be the sensible option in The Originals, but is there anywhere to run to? He wants to get them to the bayou but is that really that safe? Jackson will let Freya use him, though, but it all goes wrong. Night Has a Thousand Eyes continues to show how powerful and dangerous Dahlia is on The Originals. While Freya channels Rebekah, she finds out that Dahlia is channelling Freya. It leads to little sister telling big sister to get away. It does lead to Freya coming across Dahlia, who freezes the whole town with just a wave of her hand.

It is all about preparing for battle for the two Mikaelson brothers. Elijah and Marcel work with Josephine to bless the Algiers jazz club patrons. Klaus is working with Davina, and Mikael takes a cab to get to New Orleans! It soon becomes clear just why Mikael is needed. He has the three ingredients needed to kill Dahlia, and Klaus has the white oak stake in case he needs it. Mikael is resistant at first, until Klaus points out that if they fail he will die and Mikael can die knowing that Klaus is gone. It soon gets Mikael to go along with the plan.

Davina puts the ingredients together, and it is time to kill a witch. If only things could work to plan on The Originals. They get back to Algiers for the battle debrief, after Dahlia’s army fights them off and Dahlia disappears. Mikael is so busy putting Klaus down for his mistakes that he fails to remember that Klaus has the white oak stake. Getting the new Viking ash is not going to be difficult.

Klaus stabs Mikael, making it possibly one of the biggest mistakes The Originals could have done. There was so much potential for the character, especially with Sebastian Roche playing him, and after utilizing him for a couple of episodes this season, he is now gone. To make matters worse, The Other Side is gone, so it suggests that Mikael cannot be brought back.

Either way, Mikael is gone and Josephine decides to go see Dahlia. It looks like an alliance could form, until Dahlia slits Josephine’s throat with her violin bow. Night Has a Thousand Eyes just had to make that final point of how powerful Dahlia truly is on The Originals.

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