The Vampire Diaries Losing Nina Dobrev Could Be a Good Thing

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is definitely losing Nina Dobrev at the end of this season, and no amount of petitioning is going to change that fact. The actress has stated that she wants to leave, only seeing her character’s story as a six-year one. While many fans will complain and look for people to blame, Dobrev leaving The Vampire Diaries could actually be a good thing for the show.

Yes, there are currently a lot of people panicking that the show will not last without her. At the moment, the CW has confirmed season seven, but there is no news whether it will go on beyond that. The network will want to check the view count over the 2015-2016 season to determine whether it is worth bringing the show back or not. It is up to the fans to keep it alive, as well as the writers to give the fans a reason to stick around.

Losing the character of Elena Gilbert could be the best thing for The Vampire Diaries. It takes out the love triangle storyline that left many fans divided—and some of them unhappy when she finally chose Damon at the end of season five. It allows Stefan and Damon to both really move on with their lives, especially Stefan who seems to be holding back recently because of his once epic love with Elena.

The show has been a little stilted and anti-climatic this season, and The Vampire Diaries losing Dobrev could change all that and be a good thing. There is no confirmation how her character is going to be written out, but there are many who suspect she will be killed off in some way. Over recent years, death has not really meant anything. Dead people keep getting brought back; just look at the amount of times Bonnie and Jeremy were brought back over the years. Alaric is another character who has proven that death is not the end.

The world of TV has also changed, but The Vampire Diaries has been stuck in the world it was in when it premiered in 2009. Having a strong female lead with a love triangle storyline seemed to be the norm then. People now want genuine storylines that involved friendships and challenges, rather than the typical love triangles. Losing Dobrev could allow for all the characters to grow and adapt because of it. The show gets to step away from what it was and become something new entirely, the way The Originals managed.

It also takes the stigma away from the show being connected to the books of the same name. While the storylines have completely changed from the books, there is still that thought that it is just an adaptation. By taking Elena out permanently, the show can really go in a different direction, rather than keeping specific characters alive.

In the end, The Vampire Dairies could take on a new life of its own. Losing Elena’s character could allow characters to grow in ways that was never possible before. Losing Dobrev could be the best thing for The Vampire Diaries.

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  1. once a fan   April 11, 2015 at 9:46 am

    Well, i lost interest in this show long time ago although it was one of my favouriites. When they separated Elena and Stefan i quit watching even though i didn’t watch it only for romance… I just couldn’t stand the forced Delena diaries and how they ruined Elenas character… Bad writing backfired in their faces. Julie Plec did everything to please the “Nian” and “Delena” fandom, so i think she should do it one last time by cancelling the show. True fans stopped watching somewhere in the middle of season 4.


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