‘The Voice’: Elite Eight Become Sensational Six [Recap & Video]

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The Voice

Tonight on The Voice, the results of America’s voting after last night’s episode became known, and the Elite Eight dwindled down to the Sensational Six by the end of the show, as two of the competitors were eliminated. Will Blake still have three musical artists left by the end of the hour-long episode? Will Adam’s sole remaining musical artist, Joshua Davis, be sent home; or, will he continue on to next week? To discover the answers to these burning questions and more, read on!

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the show by introducing the coaches. He said that Jason Derulo, Rozzi Crane and Lee Brice will be performing tonight. Daly then did a recap of the amazing performances that the remaining musical artists gave last night.

At the end of the show, the Bottom Three vote-getters will sing for the chance to remain and go on to next week. Only one will move on, and the other two will be eliminated.

Jason Derulo kicked off the musical performances on The Voice by singing his hit, Want to Want Me. The audience cheered and clapped throughout Derulo’s performance. He electrified the crowd, and two of the female competitors remaining took the stage with him to also sing — India Carney and Kimberly Nichole.

Carson Daly brought out the rest of the Top Eight and he revealed the first name of the musical artists who America “saved.” He read off  “America saved — Joshua Davis of Team Adam! Joshua Davis has been saved and will move on into the Top Six!” Then, The Voice went to its first commercial break of the episode.

After the break, Carson Daly checked in with the coaches to get their thoughts. Carson asked Blake how confident he was that his team would stay intact. Blake answered “I’m confident they did everything that they could to stay intact.”

Pharrell said that he was “super proud,” of his remaining two competitors. Then, Carson asked Adam what the strategy would be to keep Joshua moving on. Adam said the strategy would be “different,” but he did not elaborate beyond that.

Next on The Voice, Rozzi Crane sang Psycho. She rocked the song out, and the audience was, once again, really drawn into the performance, and clapped and cheered as she sang.

Then, Carson had the remaining seven musical artists brought out onto the stage. He read off the name of the second artist who will be moving on. “America saved –from Team Pharrell — Sawyer Fredericks! Congratulations! You will be moving onto next week as one of the Top Six!” More commercials followed Carson’s announcement.

When The Voice came back on, Carson Daly introduced a video of the eight finalists going to an elementary school. They met the kids there, and also performed for them. One of the songs that they sang was Happy. Pharrell and Gwen Stefani also went, and surprised the kids. They gave musical instruments to the school, so that the children could learn to play them.

Before The Voice went to another commercial break, host Carson Daly announced the name of another one of the musical artists who was saved. “America saved — from Team Blake — Meghan Linsey!”

Returning from a break, country singer Lee Brice sang Drinking Class. From Team Blake, Corey Kent White sang along with him, and played the guitar. They did a fantastic job, and the audience clapped along and cheered as they performed.

After they finished singing, Carson Daly was on stage with the remaining five contestants on The Voice to announce another name. He said “America saved — from Team Christina — Kimberly Nichole!” Kimberly walked over to where Christina was and gave her a hug.

Carson Daly read off one more name. He announced “America also saved — Koryn Hawthorne from Team Pharrell!”

Then, following more commercials, Carson introduced, from Team Blake, Hannah Kirby, singing the Imagine Dragons’ song, Radioactive. She was in the Bottom Three, and sang the song to try to be the one that Amercia “Instantly Saved” of the three. She gave a tremendous performance.

Blake said “There’s a ton of things I could sit here and brag about on Hannah. Being an artist is different from anybody else. There’s never been anybody else like her. She’s a world-class vocalist, and very important to music and this show.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, then introduced Corey Kent White, also of Team Blake. He, somehow, found himself in the Bottom Three, as well. The song he chose to sing was Somebody Like You. The audience clapped along and cheered, as they had with Hannah.

“You’re going to lose at least one artist,” Carson Daly said.  “What did you think?”

Blake said “You’re filling a very important spot on this show. I think it’s important to have someone like you up on this stage representing the genre.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the third musical artist to sing for the “Instant Save,” India Carney of Team Christina. India’s voice soared to the rafters as she sang Human. She KILLED the song, and she perhaps earned herself the chance to move on with her performance. If so, that would leave Blake with just one musical artist left, like Adam.

Christina said “I don’t believe that there is actually the possibility that you could go home. Don’t let her go, guys! She’s a fighter, she’s a hard worker; she needs to stay!”

Carson then said that the viewers of America had five minutes to tweet and “Instantly Save” one of the three musical artists. After yet more commercials, the results were finally revealed.

The Voice returned, and Carson showed on the graphics that the voting was very close, between either India or Corey Kent White being the one with the most votes. Corey had 40 percent to India’s 39, when Carson took the stats off, and America continued to vote for a short time more.

“And now, the time has come,” Carson said. “One of you was ‘Instantly Saved;’ unfortunately, the other two will be going home. America ‘Instantly Saved,’ by the closest vote ever, India Carney!”

With tonight’s Elite Eight Become Sensational Six Elimination Results Show on The Voice, everything has drastically changed. Now that Blake Shelton has only one musical artist left, like Adam, the playing field has been leveled dramatically. Christina and Pharrell, who both have two musical artists each left in the running, have perhaps their best chances ever of one of them having the winning musical artist on their teams.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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