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Even with the focus being on Apple’s first watch, the iPhone is still the company’s biggest seller according to the Daily Mail. The article said that they latest figures prove that the iPhone is truly Apple’s big moneymaker. The iPhone generally does well in revenue around the holiday season, but sales were still booming for the first three months of 2015 as well. In the first quarter, Apple sold more than 61 million iPhones. This made up about two-thirds of the overall $58 billion in revenue for that particular quarter. The company made $13.6 billion in profit, which is up about 40% from last year.

In terms of the sale of iPhones, China seems to be beating out The United States. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, mentioned how proud he is of the company and its success, especially the continued strength and appeal of the iPhone. He added that there has been a higher number of people switching to the iPhone than ever before and he feels that Apple is off to a great start in this quarter and is optimistic that the next one will be as good. Apple is hopeful that the company will continue to grow in China, where sales have recently grown 72%. Apple’s goal is for major expansion in China since the phones have been so successful there and appeal to the people. Revenue from the Mac computers went up 2% from last year earning $5.6 billion, while iPad revenue fell 29% earning just $5.4 billion. Tablet sales in general have been slowly declining.

With the success of the iPhone expectations have been high for the Apple Watch and overall the comments have been pretty good. Approximately 2 million have been sold to date with the supply not completely meeting the demand. Apple continues to be hopeful about the Apple Watch and other Apple products that are either currently out or upcoming. Since Apple began offering models with bigger screens, it has been in competition with Samsung for the top position in the smartphone market according to the Daily Mail.

As the iPhone sales have soared as of late, so has Apple stock which has gained more than 50%. It is considered to be the world’s most valuable company. The phone seems to be the primary reason for Apple’s success lately as it appears to be the driving force of the company as the demand for it continues to grow. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is optimistic about new markets especially in China where the Apple products are largely popular and in demand. Over 700 million phones have been sold since the first model was introduced in 2007, the Daily Mail continues. Time Magazine said that Apple is a phone company first and foremost and at its heart, with the iPhone as its powerhouse.

CNN reported that Apple said its net income went up to $13.6 billion, which is about $2.33 per share. This figure shows that income went up 33% from the previous year. Apple is expecting a revenue of $46-$48 billion for the current quarter. The current numbers reflect the confidence that the CEO has in Apple and its products and it reflects what he feels lies ahead for the company according to CNN. Apple is expected to sell 189 million phones over the next year. This is the prediction of analysts. This may sound like a huge amount, but some analysts suggested that the number may be closer to 235 million by the end of 2015.

The iPhone 6 is supposed to generate about 74% of the demand according to sources, with the 4.7-inch version responsible for 70 percent to 75 percent of the new models sold. The 5.5-inch iPhone Plus will account for 25-30%.  China made up 16% of Apple’s $37.4 billion in sales last quarter. Apple is optimistic that the iPhone 6 could really take off in China if given the opportunity, especially considering the booming iPhone market in the country.

The iPhone seems to be the main event and Apple’s dominant product. Deseret News described the iPhone as the driving force of the company. More and more people are getting smartphones. They even seem to take the top spot above Android phones according to CNN. People are very reliant on the this phone and the new models that are released yearly appeal to users and get their attention. Some skeptics feel that the company is too reliant on one product for success, but the company is hopeful that the other Apple products will continue to grow as well. The iPhone is the company’s big moneymaker and many are looking forward to version  7 that is expected to launch in the Fall of this year. Expectations are high and Apple seems determined to meet those expectations. This phone is a huge seller and the company is determined to keep it that way and help. Apple wants to branch out to additional areas and see their products continue to grow even more.

By Heather Granruth


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