‘The Voice’ Past Judges to Appear Next Week

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In the show that judges contestants on the sound of their voice, the judges definitely play a large role in coaching their teams to the big finish. Though contestants who are favored by many viewers often times get released from the show in elimination rounds, others go on to make it to the final rounds. As the top eight are finally selected, past coaches of The Voice are set to appear on next week’s show to help coach teams to victory. As advisers, four people will be attending to join with the teams.

This season’s episodes of The Voice have featured Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams as the judges. These four have held strong in making decisions about The Voice hopefuls, over the past season. Some of the coaches made a big introduction recently, after being added to the show, and some are seasoned veterans, but the previous coaches who are coming in as advisers, next week, were all strong coaches before these four stepped in.

Making an appearance back on The Voice, Cee Lo Green, Usher, and Gwen Stefani, will be working with the four teams under Levine, Aguilera, Shelton and Williams. According to sources, Shakira was also suppose to appear but will not be able to make it. This surprise came to many, and has been an excitement for nearly every fan of The Voice. Though the show switches judges often, viewers are always glad to see previous judges return to make an appearance. The announcement was made during the most recent episode of the show, before the selections were made that sent two contestants packing. Though Rob and Deanna did not make it, the rest of the contestants will get to work with the four guest advisers.

According to sources, Usher will be helping Adam Levine’s team who is now only Joshua Davis, after Deanna was taken out. Gwen Stefani will be helping out two teams next week. Pharrell Williams team, Koryn Hawthorne and Sawyer Fredericks and Christina Aguilera’s team India Carney and Kimberly Nichole will all get to spend time with Stefani. Cee Lo Green will be helping out Blake Shelton’s strong team Corey Kent White, Meghan Linsey and Hannah Kirby.

Though Shelton’s team has proven to be the strongest and Levine’s team has proven to be the weakest, so far, much could change next week. With only eight contestants left it is a flip of a coin, as all eight contestants have great voices. With the vote to save option that has always been at hand, fans have made some interesting last minute choices.

Taking some pressure off the contestants, fans are also glad to see musical guest stars appear on The Voice, to help prospects feel better about singing to win. Yesterday’s show hosted Reba McEntire who sang Going Out Like That. No news has yet featured which musical guest stars, if any, will be in the final episodes, but with guest judges coming back for an episode, all anticipation seems to be weighing in on that and who will win.

Next week’s episode of The Voice is sure to be a good one, as the current judges and the former judges will come together to help contestants move forward. Their musical selections and vocal talents will be on full display for a show that will help them make it or break it. Who is going to win?

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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    what are u talking about? Christina’s team is the strongest team.

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