Tim Tebow and the Next Chapter of His Career


Tim Tebow has not been part of an NFL regular season game since 2012, but he may have another shot, after being signed by the Eagles. When he first came on to the scene, he soon had a big following because of his strong Christian faith. He is now about to move on to the next chapter in his football career, and his fans are more than ready for this to happen. However, most people in the NFL are skeptical, because they wonder how he can be better now if he wasn’t years ago.

Tebow was the winner of the Heisman Trophy in 2010 and was drafted to the NFL by Denver. He started in 16 games during his two seasons with the Broncos, one of which was a playoff game, in which Denver beat Pittsburgh in January of 2012. Shortly after that, Tebow was traded to the Jets, after Peyton Manning was signed to the Broncos as their starting quarterback.

After being released in 2013 by the New England Patriots, he has been spending his time working in television. He has been part of the SEC network and he has also been working for ESPN. What most people in the sport’s world are saying is that this is Tebow’s last chance, as the fact that he was let go from other teams was not an accident, and he has a lot to work on.

The reason he is getting this opportunity is because he has been working out with the Eagles during their off-season. He has been with them for the last month and the Eagles know exactly what kind of quarterback they are getting. This is the time for Tebow to prove that he wants to have a next chapter in an NFL career. Chip Kelly is the coach who is excited to have Tebow, because he has always liked him, and they want to give him a shot.

If Tebow wants to stay on the roster, he has to break some of his old, bad habits, like his slow passing. His accuracy was an even bigger problem, but those are skills that hopefully he has developed. There must be something he is doing right if there is another team that wants to bring him on board. Despite his imperfection’s as a quarterback, fans can see that he has been working hard for another chance. So, if the Eagles want to give him another chance, he should take the opportunity.

Tebow will only be the fourth quarterback for now,  and he will not be starting. Tebow’s chance to start will be very slim, so for now he needs to just work on keeping up with the coaching, and getting the job done. He is not anything like a traditional NFL quarterback, but if he has improved the mechanics of his abilities, maybe they can find a permanent place for him on the team.

He has a lot of proving to do, and hopefully the more time he spends with the Eagles in the off-season, the more he will get an idea of the way they do things. It will be interesting to see him move on to this next chapter in his NFL career, and hopefully he can stay on with them, because most people involved in the NFL agree this is his last chance.

By Brooke Latu


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