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When fans watch a Tom Cruise film, they know they will see amazing action, and adventure. They will also see some very intense stunts, almost all of which he does himself. For his latest Mission Impossible film, he is not slowing down. This film will be some of his most intense stunt’s yet. He has said he was on the wing of a plane at 5000 feet, with special glass lenses so he could keep his eyes open; and he told the crew to just keep filming no matter what happened. The new film seems to have been his most difficult yet; but let’s discuss his most amazing stunts thus far.

Going back to the first Mission Impossible movie, back in 1996, when Cruise runs away from a giant exploding fish tank. It is him. It shows that Cruise did the entire scene, something that could have been very disastrous.

There is a scene from The Last Samurai, released in 2003, when they had the final charge of the war scene; and Cruise proved to be very accurate with the sword. Mission Impossible II is one that required Cruise to completely trust his crew especially when he was rock climbing. It was an amazing shot. The next Cruise movie that had an incredible stunt was Mission Impossible III.  In it, the show me the money actor hangs on a car low to the ground, while firing a gun. The movie Knight and Day, where he stars opposite Cameron Diaz, Cruise dropped onto the hood of a car and held on while it was speeding.

A favorite of fans is Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, when he literally hang from the tallest building in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa. It a not only a brilliant scene, but a brilliant movie, filled with many other stunts.

No matter what type of stunts he is doing, there is one thing that is undeniable, Cruise does most things really well. Fans also love his older movies, such as, Top Gun, Cocktail, Rain Man, and the Color of Money. The list of movie’s goes on and on, and usually people see him doing action, but he has done comedy as well. One movie where he was extremely funny was Tropic Thunder. In another, where he was extremely emotional was Jerry Maguire.

When one totals all of the movies he has done, it is impossible to deny that he is good at everything he has done, and even better at all of the intense stunts he has had to perform.

There is a lot of intense study and logistics that goes into pulling these stunts off. It takes a lot of men, time and money. Some stunts are not done at the actual building, or mountain, but they are done by Cruise. There is also a scene in Knight and Day where Diaz is on the bike and they are going extremely fast, that is really Cruise riding. Apparently he is a an accomplished rider, and was able to do that on his own, except for the part when Diaz is flipped around. Cruise has already done some amazing stunts, but people have yet to see his most intense stunts, those are probably yet to come.

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