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Vampire Diaries: Why Nina Dobrev Will Be Just Fine in the End


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On April 6, 2015, The Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev took to Twitter to announce that she would be leaving the critically acclaimed CW supernatural drama upon completion of the show’s sixth season, which is set to wrap on May 14. While dedicated fans of the show are understandably devastated at losing one of the series’ main characters, there is solid proof that the 26-year-old will be just fine in her future endeavors, and that fans will most likely not have seen the last of her involvement in a high-profile television show.

The reasoning behind this statement lies with the fact that many actors and actresses who once played an important role in the aforementioned show have gone on to do great things, and their acting career in no way suffered as a result of them making the choice to move on from the CW series and try their hand at another role. There have been both spinoffs and entirely separate series alike, both of which have done extraordinarily well.

In April of 2013, the CW announced that a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries had received a full series order and the show subsequently premiered right after the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries, which first aired in October of that same year. This new series, entitled The Originals, centers around the Mikaelson siblings (Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah) and contains a former main character of The Vampire Diaries. Joseph Morgan played a main part in the show’s third and fourth season, as well as recurring roles in season two and five, but announced that he would be leaving the series for good at the end of its fourth season in order to join the aforementioned spinoff.

Actress Sarah Canning, who was a main character during seasons one and two and guest appeared in seasons three and five has since gone on to play one of the starring roles in the Global medical drama Remedy, of which she has appeared on every episode so far. She also appeared in a handle of episodes of AMC’s Hell on Wheels, as well as Republic of Doyle. Canning is another example of why Dobrev will end up doing just fine following her exit from The Vampire Diaries.

Dobrev has shot down recent speculation that her departure from The Vampire Diaries had anything to do with her past relationship with co-star Ian Somerhalder, whom she dated from late 2010 to May of 2013. Rumors began to fly back in January when Somerhalder announced his engagement to Twilight star Nikki Reed, ones which alleged that Dobrev was very unhappy about this and that this had led to tension on the set. The actress, however, says that the two are on perfectly friendly terms and that her reason for leaving The Vampire Diaries related to nothing more than wanting to forge a new path for herself in terms of acting and seeing what else was out there. Somerhalder and Reed officially wed on April 26, and the actor has since stated his wish that Dobrev herself find her “love of a lifetime”.

Fans who are worried that Nina Dobrev leaving The Vampire Diaries will lead to them not seeing much of her on screen anymore most likely need not be worried. Given the success of actors who have left the show and gone on to do many successful things, it seems as though she will end up doing just fine in her post-VD career.

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