Which Traumatic Experience Will Sansa Face in Game of Thrones Season 5?

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Sophie Turner teased in October last year that Sansa will face a traumatic experience in Game of Thrones season five. Instantly, it had many people guessing and theorizing. The poor girl has already been through so much, but there is still plenty of time for more. After all, George R.R. Martin does not seem to go easy on the Stark family; as if he wants everyone to hate him for his actions.

There are a few traumatic experiences that Game of Thrones fans have considered, and one more was added to the list after last night’s episode of the show. It could be any one of them, but one of them seems more likely than the rest if her character goes through with the upcoming marriage.

Last night’s Game of Thrones made it clear that Sansa Stark would take the place of the book character Jeyne Poole. Jeyne pretended to be Arya and ended up marrying Ramsey Bolton, facing horrible scenes with her husband. If Sansa marries the former Snow, it looks like she will take on those horrible scenes instead. Fans are likely worrying about that anyway, and it looks like Reek, AKA Theon Greyjoy, is worrying about what the woman he formerly thought of as a little sister could face at the hands of his torturer and master.

Could this be the traumatic experience that Sansa will face in Game of Thrones season five? Before this week’s episode, fans believed that it would involved Littlefinger. During season four, he became extremely protective of her and even killed Lysa to keep Sansa safe. It is highly likely that there are more than friendly feelings towards her since she reminds him of Catelyn Stark. One traumatic experience that fans have theorized is that Littlefinger will rape Sansa.

Recently, Sansa has been putting a lot of trust in Littlefinger. She does owe him her life, but she has not realized that he betrayed her father and got him executed. If she found that out, the tables could turn for Littlefinger. It is possible that the rape scene could start to play out but Sansa ends up killing him. She has to live with the fact that she killed a man.

Both of the latter scenes seem unlikely now with the way that Sansa’s storyline is playing out. Another Game of Thrones theory from before the season five premiere also seems unlikely. Fans wondered whether Sansa would end up killing her cousin Robin Arryn, after the slap she gave him. The fans that theorized this were working off Sansa’s storyline in the book series, where Sansa marries Harry the Heir while living under an assumed name, and then decides to kill Robin to take over The Vale. That seems almost impossible now since Littlefinger wants her to become the Lady of Winterfell.

A final theory for traumatic experiences is that Sansa will become Lady Stoneheart; in the sense that she wants revenge. This could certainly happen as she marries Ramsey and finds out the full truth about the Boltons betraying the Starks. It would be even more possible if Stanis Baratheon gets to Winterfell like he currently plans. There are so many ideas for Sansa’s traumatic experience in Game of Thrones season five, but which one is right?

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