Elvis Presley’s Planes to Remain in Graceland

Elvis Presley

There have been many questions over the home of Elvis Presley’s custom-made place, but it now looks like they will remain in Graceland. The news comes despite OKC Partnership being asked to arrange for the airplanes to be removed from the site before April 26, 2015. The request caused many fans of the legendary singer, and led to Priscilla Presley taking to social media to tell fans to calm down as the situation was handled.

The singer had two planes custom-designed, and named them Lisa Marie, after his daughter, and Hound Dog II. They were placed in Graceland at an attraction for tourists to show his career and life. Flocks of people take to the center in Memphis to learn more about the late artist. The planes were used by Presley to travel to his many performances during the 1970s.

Lisa Marie, the larger of the two planes, was used for the first time in November 1975. It is more like a limousine, with a stereo system, bed, conference room and gold-plated bathroom within it. It is a Convair 880 bought from Delta Airlines, and was renovated by the King himself. It was later used in 1977 to pick up his ex-wife after his death to take her from California to Memphis.

After his death, the two planes were sold. OKC Partnership took over the ownership of the two planes, and were told last year to arrange for them to be removed from the site. They originally allowed the planes to remain in Graceland for a percentage of the ticket sales. Despite outrage from the fans, OKC Partnership focused on an option to move the planes.

It now seems like Presley’s two planes will remain in Graceland, after all. Last week, news spread that Memphis City Council had approved a plan to move the two planes just outside of Graceland and everything seemed ready to go. The plan was for the two planes to become an outdoor display for tourists, as close to Graceland as possible. The construction had not been started, but would be finished by August to be able to move the planes, according to Tim McCaskill, a representative for OKC Partnership. The City Counsil voted unanimously for the plans, since it seemed like keeping them at Graceland was out of the question.

However, a statement was released on Sunday that put an end to those plans. Graceland announced that an agreement had been reached, meaning the two planes can stay; and this will be a permanent feature.

According to Lisa Marie Presley, Graceland now officially owns the two planes, meaning that they will remain in their home. She made the announcement on Twitter, altering fans instantly of the decision. She did not share any other information about the decision, and OKC Partnership has not commented on the decision as of yet.

It looks like good news for fans of Presley who wanted to see the planes kept in their “rightful” home. Presley’s planes will remain in Graceland forever, as it now takes over the ownership.

By Alexandria Ingham



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