Zayn Malik Is Still in One Direction According to Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

One Direction fans will be happy to hear that Zayn Malik is still in the band, according to physics genius Stephen Hawking. He spoke to fans through a 3D hologram at the Sydney Opera House to talk all about the universe’s mysteries, as well as living with A.L.S. The talk went onto the idea of parallel universes, which is something that he definitely seems to believe in.

Towards the end of the talk, a member of the audience asked him about the cosmological effect of the One Direction band member leaving, especially how it broke the hearts of millions around the world.

Usually it would seem like a silly question to ask Hawking, but he answered with brilliance. He initially made a joke about it being “a question about something important,” and then went onto to discuss theoretical physics, and the idea that there may be proof of alternate universes one day. He encouraged the teenage fans of the band to hold onto the idea that somewhere out there, Malik is still in the band.

He believes that it is entirely possible that there is a universe out there where Malik remained in the band. Hawking did one better after that, saying that there is possibly a world where Malik and a teenage girl are married. It possibly helped to get thousands, if not millions, of teenagers into the idea of physics and how cool it can be.

While telling One Direction fans that there is a universe where Malik never left the band, Hawking was joined by his daughter Lucy Hawking, a science communicator, and Paul Davies, a physicist. Both were live on the Australian stage.

There was a section where they discussed The Theory of Everything, which went on to win Academy awards at this year’s Oscars. Hawking admitted that he was apprehensive about the movie initially considering it was based on the book written by his ex-wife. However, the script and screening reassured his faith and hope in the project. He was happy to see that it was honest about his marriage, and was the closest he would get without “travelling back in time.”

There were some plots that moved away from the true story, but Hawking admits that there were minor. He also said that he would never tell Hollywood how to make movies, as long as they stay away from telling him how to solve the universe’s mysteries. However, he did admit that he would have preferred “more physics and fewer feelings,” but that is not something he wishes just about that movie. He wishes it about all movies.

The problem with science is that people cannot feel or understand it. It leads to a distrust, unless it comes to science fiction where there is an understanding and ability to make people feel safe. Hawking believes that people need to enjoy science so they can make informed decisions on some of the biggest issues the world as a whole faces, like nuclear weapons, genetic engineering and the greenhouse effect.

People do surprise him, though, and that happened with his book A Brief History of Everything. Despite so many equations, it became a bestseller and he was proud of people for making the decision to buy it. He was told that each equation would halve the sales, but he wanted to include them because he wanted to include science. There is fun in science, as Hawking proved by telling One Direction fans that there is a world where Malik never left the band.

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