Zayn Malik Faces Sex Tape Claims


Zayn Malik, the former One Direction star, has the rumor mill circulating about a supposed sex tape. Sources close to Malik have claimed that the rumors are untrue regarding a possible sex tape as well as the chances of it showing up online. An article for The Mirror claimed that sex-related footage of the star was making rounds. A representative for Malik, in an attempt to put the issue to rest, has stated that such allegations are false and the story is completed made up. It is unclear where the initial allegations began, but the star and his spokespeople are determined to make the public aware that the tape does not exist, it is just a rumor.

It was stated by Ok! magazine that a pal of Malik said that he was very upset upon hearing about the tape and how it was making the rounds. The footage supposedly shows the singer partying and he is also shown naked. Ok! also claimed that the singer is unsure whether or not there is any truth to the rumor of the tape, but regardless he is very concerned. The magazine also mentioned how he is worried about the affect this could have on his relationship with his fiancée, Perrie, as he has faced allegations of cheating on her in the past, and feels that this could be the final nail in the coffin and destroy the relationship.

He had denied such claims of cheating last month after some photos of him with another woman had appeared online. The Huffington Post stated that the singer appeared to be under stress during this time and not long after that he made public the fact that he was leaving One Direction. His fiancée seemed to be taking a lot of abuse from fans of the singer and the group, with some even blaming her for Malik’s decision to exit the group. A woman named Martina Olsson, who works in club promotion, made allegations that she had engaged in sex with Malik, even going so far as to say that his fiancée should break up with him. She declared that since he was once a cheater he would always be so and that his fiancée could not trust him in that he would always tell her lies. Olsson even said that Malik’s fiancée, Perrie, would probably dump him anyway after hearing what had happened. Olsson had made her statement to the Sun, an online newspaper, and Ok! continued to report the information. With rumors of the supposed sex tape, rumors of supposed relationship issues, and his exit from One Direction, Malik has had plenty on his plate. Malik even professed his love for Perrie on his Twitter page and pointed out how many jealous women there are out there and how she should not believe what any of them have to say.

To add fuel to the fire is the fact that the lady in the video in question is not Malik’s fiancée Perrie, but rather some unnamed lady. Sources for The International Business Times claim that Malik is definitely concerned about the effect that this scandal could have on Perrie and how such a video could spell the end for them if the video gets out there and is proved to be true. The online newspaper also stated that a magazine called Gossip Cop referred to the sex tape story as a complete lie. Gossip Cop also stated that the singer left One Direction to pursue other options and to just be an average 22-year-old, without all of the pressure of being in such a well-known and popular group. His departure was not related to the sex tape scandal, according to the online magazine.

Malik just want to put the recent scandals behind him and move on. Sources close to him say that he wants everyone to know that the sex tape claims are fabricated. He wants his fans to know that such a tape does not exist and he is not at all concerned about it.

By Heather Granruth



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