Kim Kardashian Blurred Out of Photo by Jewish Orthodox News Website

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is a reality star known for making headlines and is regularly faced with being in the public eye. The International Business Times even stated that taking and publishing photos of the star seems to be the norm on a daily basis. Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, have recently been added to the list of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. This well-known and influential duo is in the spotlight considerably at times, getting attention for one thing or another. Recently, the reality star has faced scrutiny from the Jewish Orthodox news website, Kikar HaShabbat, and was subjected to censorship. The Orthodox news website even blurred her out of a photo they considered ‘pornographic’.

During a stay in Jerusalem, Kardashian and her husband West dined with the mayor of Jerusalem. Photos were taken by the Israeli news website and Kardashian’s image was covered. She was also only referred to as West’s wife, and not by her own name. The editor of HaShabbat, Nissim Ben Haim, claimed that the reason for the slight was that Kardashian is viewed as a ‘pornographic’ symbol that conflicts with and contradicts their religious values. The editor also went on to say that people within the Orthodox religion do not believe in or feel comfortable with putting women in the public eye, as it is considered to be immodest.

In the article, the mayor was also called out for not dining at a kosher restaurant. The article stated that the Wests and the mayor were insensitive to the majority of city residents who partake of kosher meals regularly, especially considering the fact that the West family were guests of the city. The issue was that the editor of the news website felt as if the group was disrespecting the Sabbath, which is considered holy, through this act, as the International Business Times indicated. Kardashian and West went to Jerusalem with the intention of getting their daughter North baptized, as well as to take in some of the sights and popular historic attractions.

Her image was ultimately blurred out through Photoshop and replaced with a bill from the meal she and her companions had at the restaurant. In another photo, rather than being replaced with a different image, she was just blurred out completely. The news website mentioned that they do not favor putting pictures of women in their newspaper because publishing pictures of women is considered in their religion to be suggestive in a sexual way and not conservative enough, according to Haim.

Despite the photo incident, Kardashian and her husband were well-received by their fans and welcomed into the city. They were also made to feel welcome in Armenia, where they also visited. Kardashian was joined by her sister and her husband in Armenia. As a descendent of Armenia, Kardashian was there to visit family who live in the area. A source for E! News, said that the family was very friendly and kind to those who greeted them. The star being cut by the Israeli news website from the photo did not appear to hinder their plans and the trip went on as scheduled.

By Heather Granruth

E! Online
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