GOP Candidates Take Turns Bashing Hillary Clinton

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Feeling more like a Friar’s Club Roast than a campaign outing, GOP presidential candidates took turns bashing Democratic Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, from New Hampshire today. The Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, New Hampshire, is giving a large field of Republican candidates an opportunity to attack the Democratic front-runner Clinton, and her policies. The granite state is the home of the first presidential primary of the 2016 season.

Rand Paul, a senator from Kentucky, worried that Clinton needs to travel with two airplanes – one for the entourage and one for baggage. Paul has been excessively critical of the former secretary of state for her role in the Benghazi terrorist attack, that left an ambassador and three other Americans dead. South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, suggested that if one wanted to meet Hillary Clinton, one would have to be able to run at least 35 miles per hour. Clinton has most recently been somewhat inaccessible to press during campaign stops across Iowa, moving quickly from town to town.

Nearly 20 different Republican prospects were on hand for the summit, that ended Saturday afternoon. Most of the main GOP candidates took at least some of their allotted stage time to bash Clinton, who is scheduled to appear in the state on Monday and Tuesday.

By Chris Marion


Fox News

Boston Herald

Photo by Third Way Think Tank – Flickr License