2016 Presidential Race: Martin O’Malley to Run


Martin O’Malley, former big-time mayor of Baltimore and current governor for Maryland, has now announced his run for the 2016 presidential campaign, using some interesting information for his bid. As a Democrat, O’Malley is pushing the Democrat party to back O'Malleyhim, working to persuade them by making statements about why they should choose him over the competition, being mostly Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. His push – the American Dream and why it is important that Americans are able to “save our country now.” As a true progressive, and a man who is not afraid to take on tough political action, his appearance of representing the small-time American may just be the image that the Democrats want to take. Especially as their most recent moves and statements have received much backlash from the American people.

One thing is certain: if the Democrats hope to put another Democrat in the White House for the 2016 presidential election, they are going to need somebody who could win the votes. With Clinton’s controversial history, it may just be that she is not the one that Americans are looking for. Enter O’Malley, who gained popularity after his tough-0n-crime act as mayor and who has seemed to gain support when going up against issues that Americans disagree with. Though he was a past supporter of Clinton, it seems as though he is now more interested in creating the America that he believes would be best, something that he, in so many words, has said that Clinton and Sanders can not do. Making accusations against the “CEO’s of Wall Street” O’Malley portrays himself as fighting for the poorer American.

As O’Malley has now announced his presidential campaign, sources state that his only issue would be raising the funding. With currently few supporters, sources state that O’Malley must truly prove himself to campaign supporters in order to gain their support. However, if he can do that it may be rather easy for him to gain support from American voters, afterward.

By Crystal Boulware


NY Times: Martin O’Malley Announces Presidential Campaign, Pushing Image of Vitality

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