‘Game of Thrones’ Will ‘Hardhome’ Bring an Epic, Bloody Battle? [Spoilers] [Video]

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Will this Sunday’s Game of Thrones: Hardhome bring about an epic and bloody battle? Some are saying it will.

Last week fans were left hanging on the edge of their seats with the long anticipated first meeting of Dany and Tyrion, this week’s episode will finally have the two exchanging words. Will the Mother of Dragons team up with the Imp? Dany will also have to decide if she will forgive Ser Jorah and spare him his life.  Will Tyrion be able to convince her to forgive Jorah? In an interview with Iain Glen (Jorah) the actor hinted that a big gladiator fight could happen in this upcoming episode. In the last episode of Game of Thrones the queen was there during what he described as a pre-fight before the main gladiator battle, so fans still will get to see a huge battle with Jorah, perhaps it will happen this episode.

Last week’s Game of Thrones episode brought more trouble for Sansa Stark, who was a victim of a violent rape by her new husband. The teaser shows her confronting Theon who in the last episode betrayed her again. Instead of bringing a candle to the high tower,as she asked of him, he brought it to Ramsay. In the confrontation Sansa seems to to be taking a tough approach with Theon telling him that if she could do to him what Ramsay has done, she would.

Game of Thrones‘s producers have said that in this season there will be an epic fight, bigger even than the bloody fights at The Wall and Blackwater, many are predicting it will take place at Hardhome. Hardhome is the Wilding village and Jon Snow will be going there to try to recruit the Wildings. The teaser seems to show that the Wilding may not be so eager to listen to Snow and join Stannis. Can he convince them to do so? Many think that there will be a fight with White Walkers at Hardhome, will that be enough to get the Wildings to join forces with the Night’s Watch? In the last episode Sam did give Snow dragonglass to help him with the White Walkers, was this a foreshadowing of a battle with the icy demons? A glimpse of a new character was shown  in the preview. She has the look of a female Wilding Chieftain, and is played by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen. It remains to be seen if she will be an ally of Jon, or make his life more difficult.Game Of Thrones

Cersei will have to deal with the mess she has created in this episode. Last week Game of Throne viewers were treated a small dose of justice for the vengeful mother of the King. The very people she gave more power to in a bid to keep control over her son have turned on her. The High Sparrow had her arrested in the last episode after he was told of Cercei’s sins. Spoilers have said that Cercei will do a walk of shame to atone for her wicked ways at some point in this season, perhaps viewers will get to see that in this episode. Of course, as to be expected Cercei is not going down with out a fight, the teaser shows her saying that she will not bow down to a bare foot commoner.

Ayria will be continuing her training. Last week the question was posed that though she was not ready to be no one, maybe she was ready to be someone else?

This Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode Hardhome could bring about two epic and bloody battles, one with White Walkers and possibly a battles of Gladiators. Fans will also get to see a battle of wills, between Circei and the High Sparrow, Sansa and Theon, and Dany and Tyrion. This week’s Game of Thrones episode airs Sunday at 9PM EST.

By Jessica Hamel


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