‘Game of Thrones’ Novelist Talks Controversial Rape Scene

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones never ceases to amaze its viewers, but season five’s controversial sixth episode featuring a rape scene left viewers questioning the novelist of the story. The scene that had many Game of Thrones fans feeling violated was when newlywed husband Ramsey Bolton, played by Iwan Rheon, savagely raped his wife, Sansa Starks, whose character is played by Sophie Turner on their wedding night. What made the rape scene even more uncomfortable for viewers was how Alfie Allan’s character, Theon Greyjoy/Reef, was forced to witness the rape, with the inability to stop it.

Needless to say, the people who were most stunned by the scene were the fans of the novels, because nothing of that nature was ever a part of the written story, A Song of Ice and Fire. The book had portrayed a marriage between Ramsay and Jeyne Poole, a girl forced by Roose Bolton to pose as Arya Stark.

During an interview with Game of Thrones actress, Turner, she revealed how the show runners cleverly hinted to her what she should be expecting from her character during the series’  fifth season. Through hints, Turner became aware that the storyline involving her knight and shining armor swooping in to save the day was not part of the script. Instead, she found that Ramsay would be the one to claim her character as his own.

When the interview topic switched to the show’s very controversial rape scene, the actress confessed to loving it immediately after reading it. The way that Ramsay had forced Theon to watch him forcefully take Sansa was utterly ruthless, but at the same time there was something intriguing about the whole thing. Turner joked about giving grief to Game of Thrones producer, Bryan Cogma, whenever she got the chance. She liked making him feel terrible about writing that scene into the story, but in actuality, she thoroughly enjoyed the unnerving scene that was chosen for her to act out.

A lot of Game of Thrones fans started to talk, questioning the story’s novelist, George R.R. Martin, regarding his feelings toward the controversial rape scene and the way the HBO television series has drifted away from his original story. More than a few of them also went as far as sending Martin an emailing expressing their discontent towards Game of Thrones sixth episode wedding night rape.

The story writer claimed to have absolutely no issues with the direction that the television series decided to go in regards to the story he had written. It was also reported that Martin felt that responding to the emails sent to him by displeased viewers would only be entertaining them and he was not going to engage it such activities.

Martin has been involved in every season of the Game of Thrones television series, writing at least one episode per season. The only two seasons the author will not be working on is the fifth and sixth. During these two seasons, Martin will be dedicating all of his time and creative energy towards the completion of his sixth book of the Games of Thrones saga, The Winds of Winter.

In his personal blog titled Not a Blog, Martin shares with his avid blog readers that since the television series’ first episode, there has been, in some way, differences in the story. When a novel comes to life in the form of a television series, differences in the two are inevitable, but in the end, each story finds itself back at the same place.

Martin feels that the Game of Thrones’ producers are doing their very best to bring a high quality television series to the viewers at home, while he does his best to write the books. The author will seemingly defend every decision made by the producers of the television series, so at least HBO has nothing to worry about.

With that being said, if the Game of Thrones novelist himself talks of having no issues with the controversial rape scene featured on the show, then viewers have no business being upset about it either. If people are so bothered by what they see on television, instead of watching it in its entirety only to write an angry email about it later, they should just try picking up their remote and turning the channel.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley


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