‘American Crime’ Is in Renovation

American Crime
American Crime, ABC’s mid-season drama, is going through a renovation for season 2, according to Paul Lee, ABC entertainment president. May 12 will be the Season 1 Finale. Lee told reporters, on a conference call, that not all of the actors will be returning next season, and those that are returning will be playing different roles. Season 2 will be a whole new storyline and different crime, in a different state, creating a complete renovation.

Critics enjoyed the courageous show from Executive Producer John Ridley (12 Years a Slave). The ratings, however, did not show that American Crime was successful, as it was averaging 6.9 million viewers and 1.7 among adults ages 18-49, which includes DVR playback.

Ridley has said that he has very genuine new roles for the actors who will be remaining with the ABC show, American Crime. Ridley would not give any names, but it is rumored that possibly the leads of the show, who are Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton, could make the cut of actors who will be continuing on with the show.

Actors on American Crime only had one year contracts, so there will be new contracts to sign and new actors will have to be worked out. Thursday, May 12, will be American Crime‘s exciting, heart pumping season finale at 10/9 p.m. ET on ABC. The criminal case of the season will come to a surprising end. Everyone who has been involved will have their lives changed forever. Passionately charged with the unexpected, some journeys will end and others will begin. Then, the renovation of American Crime can begin the preparation for Season 2.

Some of the things that will happen in the American Crime Season Finale will include Detective Palmer finding new information that keeps him awake at night, eating at him. He has to question Hector about the gun, and he does so, however, Hector is caught lying, so Palmer tells him the deal is off and he is going to be deported.

Alonzo is distraught and looks to Mr. Hall, Tony’s teacher, to be a character witness for Tony when he goes to court. However, it seems that Alonzo has chosen the wrong teacher, as Mr. Hall is raising funds to help Joaquin, the boy Tony has assaulted.

Barb feels defeated and she turns to Russ because she wants to tell him that she no longer wants anything to do with the situation. She does not care what he thinks because she is giving up only on the case, and not herself. Then, she gives Russ her gun.

Jenny makes an effective case at Tony’s hearing. She takes some of the blame herself, for Tony’s actions. She confesses that she is the one that keeps messing up and Tony only wanted to try to protect her, as always.

Carter has been proven innocent and gets his freedom back. He gets released from prison and reunites with Aliyah. Carter questions Aliyah on how it is so easy. She tells him to simply be thankful.

These are a few things that will be happening on the Season Finale of American Crime to tie up Season 1 completely. Therefore, the renovation for Season 2 can begin strong and fresh with new stories and crimes in a new location. The American Crime Season 1 finale will premiere Thursday, May 14 at 10/9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Another small tidbit concerning the future for Ridley is that he is developing a top-secret Marvel title for ABC. All Ridley said was that the Marvel character will be based on an existing character. However, Lee is not allowed to talk about the project. Readers should keep their eyes on Guardian Liberty Voice for more information to come.

By Jeanette Smith

Entertainment Weekly
Photo courtesy of Siebbi – Creativecommons Flickr License

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