Another Blogger Hacked to Death in Bangladesh for Promoting Free Thought [Video]

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Yet another blogger has been hacked to death in Bangladesh, for promoting free thought and speech. This marks the third time throughout this year.

32-year-old Ananta Bijoy Das died a very violent death, after being executed by men with machetes in the streets of Bangladesh. The blog he wrote for was the same one that deceased secular activist Avjit Roy uploaded content to, and he was killed in a similar manner back in February.

Das often wrote about secular thought and atheism, giving facts towards science and the like that suggested maybe the country was not being run in the right manner in terms of allowing people to have their own beliefs. Indeed, he formed many headlines that raised the question as to whether or not Islam needed reformation and that voiced disdain surrounding the punishments those who spoke their mind were subjected to. The blog is called Mukto-Mona, or Free Thinkers.

There was an uproar following his death, with other secular activists taking to the streets in protest. They held a banner containing his picture, and many fists raised in alliance.

By Rebecca Grace



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Photo by mariusz kluzniak – Creativecommons Flickr License