Another Popular Game of Thrones Theory Seems to Have Been Confirmed

Game of Thrones

For years, A Song of Ice and Fire lovers have had a theory, and that popular theory seems to have been confirmed in this week’s Game of Thrones episode. For those who have not read the books and not seen last night’s episode, stop reading now. This article does contain a lot of spoilers for both.

From day one in the HBO series, Game of Thrones, the focus has seemed to be on Jon Snow. He is now the Night’s Watch’s Lord Commander, after turning down the chance to become a Stark and take over Winterfell since everyone believes that all Ned and Catelyn’s children are dead. There is certainly something more to his story; something that Melisandre seems to know.

This week’s Game of Thrones made one thing clear. Littlefinger does not believe that Lyanna Stark was kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar Targaeryn. It looks like he believes Lyanna and Rhaegar fell in love and that love led to a child. That popular fan theory continues to circulate that Jon Snow is that child, and Ned took him in to protect him. He even face the wrath of his wife for having an affair to make sure his nephew was safe.

There have been other instances throughout the series that suggested this. One of those has been Ned’s loyalty to his family. It started the popular Game of Thrones theory, which now seems to be another confirmed in the show. Fans could not see how a man so loyal to family could have an affair, unless he did not and the child was not really is.

During season one of Game of Thrones, Jon asked Ned to hear about his mother. On the way to The Wall, Ned promised that he would tell Jon about her sometime. There was a proud look in his eyes, as if Sean Bean knew the truth all along and had to portray that sad but proud moment perfectly.

This is not the first popular fan theory to be confirmed this season on Game of Thrones. Book lovers debated over how season five would deviate from the books, with some suggesting that Sansa Stark would take the place of Jeyne Poole from the books. Last week, Sansa went to Winterfell with Littlefinger to marry Ramsey Bolton (formerly Snow), with viewers fearing for the worst for the unfortunately Stark girl.

This week’s episode further confirmed the theory that Littlefinger is planning on helping her take over Winterfell. Stannis Baratheon will be on his way from The Wall soon and will take out the Boltons. Littlefinger wants Sansa to be there, but it is possible that he wants to work his way into her life to marry her; something he wanted to do with Catelyn.

There are a lot of debates and theories circulating. Some of them have been proven that they will not happen, but others look like they will. This week have another popular Game of Thrones theory almost confirmed through Littlefinger’s talk with Sansa about Lyanna Stark.

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